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My Dying Bride – A Map of All Our Failures


Artist Name: My Dying Bride
Title Name: A Map of All Our Failures
Label: Peaceville
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini 

Few bands can claim the status of being prominent leaders in one genre, and at the same time have a heavy influence in another, resulting from the first. Well, British dark doomsayers My Dying Bride are one of those bands. Having started their career more than twenty years ago, they were certainly one of the distinct leaders of the Death/Doom metal movement. Together with label mates Anathema and Paradise Lost, they were even nicknamed the “Peaceville three” as they were some of the most influential bands of that time. And while their peers might have had a more direct influence, they also can be considered as a point of reference by many gothic metal bands that followed.

With a long career spanning now with 12 full lengths and various EPs and singles, My Dying Bride certainly had their share of twists and turns: line-up changes and musical style revolutions amidst other turbulences. But even with all that, they still sound solid, credible, and with a lot of references to their core sound.

A Map of Our Failures is a well-crafted amalgamation of dark and melancholic songs, which alternate sombre melodies with eerie heavy riffs, disturbingly sorrowful vocals with blasts of aggressive growls.

If you manage to get past the creepy album cover, push play and be enchanted by the sad melodies of gems such as “Kneel till Doomsday”, “A Tapestry Scorned”, “A Map of All Our Failures” – with its beautiful violin passages, and “Within the Presence of Absence”. Prepare to be immersed in a musical trance that lasts more than an hour, seemingly designed to captivate those with a taste for the darker side of life.

While this album might not take the band much further in terms of musical genius – after all, it is marked by their signature sound wrapped with a few innovations – it will certainly confirm that these are leaders, not followers.



Peaceville Artists: My Dying Bride 




My Dying Bride – Kneel till Doomsday (Album version) 


A Map of All Our Failures (Deluxe Edition) is now available on iTunes.