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Nina Kraviz – Nina Kraviz


Artist Name: Nina Kraviz • Title Name: Nina Kraviz • Label: Rekids


Moscow local Nina Kraviz cuts an intimidating figure in the electronic world. Deeply layered with a plethora of sounds and styles, Nina’s work can be difficult to digest at the offset, but diving into her complex minimalism soon uncovers a trove of sublime work. Though her self- titled debut LP is brimming with precise production and spacious minimal vibes, Nina Kraviz is surprisingly easy to push onto the back burner without a second thought. Ultimately though, whether further into the first listen or weeks later, the Siberian’s brand of smouldering house breaks through, digging deeper and deeper into your sub-conscience until her vocal loops and stabbing bass lines sit cosily beside your inner monologue.

Coming after a string of acclaimed releases on REKIDS, Nina Kraviz gives the Propaganda resident’s fans something to savour. From the outset, the album works hard creating a mood. The vulnerable opener ‘Walking in the Night’ sets the listener up for the album, the vocals conjuring images of strength and hope in contrast to a baron soundscape. As the album unfolds, the listener is led deeper into Nina’s psyche to further this character comparison. Tracks like ‘Aus’, ‘Ghetto Kraviz’ and ‘Petr’ see Nina flexing her confidence through brazen club muscle, while the vastness of tracks like ‘4 Ben’ and ‘Taxi Talk’ see Nina’s ambient side shining through, counterbalancing her cockier musical persona with a more delicate character. These two definitive sides are often shown but never reproduced exactly, creating an album wide balance that retains originality.

Comprised entirely of new tracks, Nina uses her debut to couple grinding house tracks with haunting, ambient interludes. Nina’s production, outstanding for a newcomer, contains her intricate webs of layering and syncopation to pull the mix back to earth before it ever gets a chance to become frenetic. A journey through Nina’s deep dance grooves with juxtaposing uneasiness that fends of comfort and relaxation, Nina Kraviz is a solid debut that gives back everything you put in. Standout track: ‘Love or Go’ – A sentimental builder with beautiful production and a throbbing bottom end. Though it’s hard to go past the swagger-drawl of ‘Ghettor Kraviz’, ‘Love or Go’ and its remorseful hook is bound to catch the ear of any melancholy dance fan.



Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz





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