Artists / Bands — November 4, 2013 at 3:52 am

Is this photo Roby Satria? Geisha admit they are shocked about arrest.


A recent photo in the Tribune News is reportedly of Roby Satria, Geisha’s guitarist and founder member, following his recent arrest for alleged drugs possession. The photo shows three men wearing prison outfits and faces covered by black balaclavas. The man in front, reportedly Roby, is staring vacantly ahead as the police read the charges.

Although Geisha are high in our Music Weekly Indonesia Top 30 charts with their single, ‘Lumpuhkan Ingatanku’ they are still reeling after being informed about Roby. “If it’s true, we’re definitely shocked but we have to carry on”, admitted their manager.  The guitarist was reportedly arrested on October 7th, allegedly for possession of Marajuana and fans remain concerned following reports that a psychiatrist recently visited him. Fans suspected something was wrong when Geisha appeared on stage without Roby and began tweeting demanding to know where he was.

Geisha has promised they will continue and there is no question of replacing Roby. “What happened has happened” lead singer Momo recently tweeted (@MoMo_GEISHA). Meanwhile, fans are desperate for news and a Twitter campaign, #prayforrobbie is rapidly gaining more tweets.


Credit: Tribune News