Pop — March 26, 2015 at 2:22 pm

The 10 most OTT reactions to Zayn Malik leaving 1D


1D-MalikWell, it’s official. Zayn Malik has quit One Direction and some people are taking it harder than others.


With Malik leaving the On The Road Again Tour halfway through its Asian leg, citing ‘stress’ speculation was rife that the 22 year old may decide to end his time with the band. Well, it appears that the unthinkable has happened and group of five have become four.


The brave singer has left with nothing but his legions of adoring fans and millions of dollars to help him through this turmultuous period in his life. Millions of his fans are having a bit of a tough time dealing with the news though, taking to Twitter to express their grief because, like, life is NEVER GOING TO BE THE SAME AGAIN after this tragedy.


Through the power of the internet, Malik’s fans have gone above and beyond in expressing their profound grief at what presumably is one of THE WORST DAYS IN THEIR LIVES! We’ve collected a handful of some of the more colorful ones:

Our hearts go out to these fans but like all tragedies, it will get easier in time. Others out out there took the news with a bit of a wider world view.