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Why Won’t Taylor Swift Discuss Katy Perry?

Although she gave previously hinted that her song Bad Blood was about fellow chart topper  Katy Perry, Taylor Swift has refused to confirm rumours of a celebrity feud saying Perry is one topic that she won’t be opening up about.

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Super Junior Set For Special Singapore Performance In May

Fans of boy band Super Junior will be delighted to hear that they’ve just announced a special performance to take place in Singapore on 1 May. Organized by ONE Production, the show is to take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.   Super Show 6 commenced in South Korea last year on September 19 before touring through several parts of […]

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Taylor Swift earned more than $1 million per day in 2015

If you needed a reason to feel worse about your depleted bank account and maxed out credit cards then consider this for a second. Taylor Swift has earnt more than $1 million per day across 2015 and has earned a whopping $317 million so far this year.

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Ed Sheeran Wants YOU To Be In His Next Film Clip

Ever wanted to dance, sing, draw or mime your way into fame? Well Ed Sheeran may be just the man you want to talk to. Ed Sheeran dances like he was born to in his ‘Thinking Out Loud’ film clip but this ginger crooner wan’t necessarily blessed with all those moves without a bit of hard work. Like anything worthwhile in […]

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How Taufik Batisah turned a simple hashtag into a surprise smash hit

These days, there’s no telling where your next piece of inspiration is going to come from but in Taufik Batisah’s case, what started out as a video to his fans on Instagram quickly become an internet sensation. Back in June, whilst on his way to meet some fans to break fast during Ramadan, the Singapore Idol winner uploaded a video onto […]

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Sundown Festival 2013 Quip: AOA

Sundown Festival is coming back to Singapore on November 16, 2013. Gorgeous K-pop band AOA embarks in our five-question round-up.

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5 Things You Need to Know About G-Dragon

If you found yourself asking who G-Dragon is, then here’s a few tidbits for you.

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LIVE REVIEW: Rihanna in Macau

Rihanna hit Macau on Friday night for her first Asian date of the Diamonds World Tour. Live review and photos.

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A Chat with the Creative Sezairi Sezali

The charming boy-next-door has released his new single “Sayang” and talks about his past, current and upcoming challenges.

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Back from Bangkok’s Sonic Bang: Sheppard

Aussie band Sheppard just came back from Sonic Bang Festival in Thailand. We epistolary exchanged with them about geography, fashion, touring and collaboration.

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An Intimate Interview with Afgan

Afgan joins us for an intimate interview and opens up about earning his successes and whether his career was really handed to him on a silver plate.

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An Interview with Mando-Pop-Rock Star Yida Huang

Born and raised in Singapore, Yida Huang is a massive Mando-pop-rock star. Music Weekly Asia had a chat with him ahead of his performance at Zebra Music Festival in Shanghai.

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The Wanted: Name-Dropping Sells Just as Much as Sex

The Wanted show us exactly how the art of the name-drop is done. See which other artists are no stranger to the tactic!

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The Battle of the Teen Heart Throbs: Cody Simpson vs Justin Bieber

We’re putting these two YouTube sensations head to head to battle it out for the title of the Best Teen Heart Throb. Are you with Team Cody or Team Justin?

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Backstreet Boys: From Boy Band to Man Band

Move over One Direction, the boys are back in town!

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A delicious Q&A with Suzanne Vega

New York based Suzanne Vega will make her first appearance in Hong Kong next week. Scott Murphy had a lovely chat with her.

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Cakra Khan and the Two-Hit Wonder

Is Cakra coping with the pressure after 3 AMI wins off the back of only 2 singles?

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Sophie Koh Finds Her Calling In Hong Kong and China

Sophie Koh is a citizen of the world. The pop singer/songwriter was born in New Zealand, grew up in Singapore and currently resides in Australia with a Chinese-Malaysian background. She is about to embark on her first international tour with her band to Hong Kong and China. But after playing music for over a decade, at what point does one […]

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What Does the World Have Against Robin Thicke’s “Rape Song”?

Has Thicke sold his soul and shaken off his once wholesome reputation in return for a number one single? Well, quite frankly, no.

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Selena Gomez: From Barney to No 1 Single

She’s not just a pretty face, Selena Gomez has proven herself to be a serious recording artist.

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