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Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions


Artist Name: Imagine Dragons
Title Name: Night Visions
Label: Interscope/ KIDinaKORNER/ MCA Universal
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney


After having released a handful of EPs over the past four years, it was long overdue for the world to hear Imagine Dragons’ debut album. The band’s alternative rock sound with a mixture of pop and hip hop is a winning formula that helped Night Visions reach to number two on the Billboard 200 charts in the United States.  The album follows the predictable recipe of pop music, but is yet consistently satisfying.

Grammy nominee record producer Alex da Kid (Eminem/Nicki Minaj) helped with the success of the LP. The critically acclaimed producer penned a few of the tracks with the band and offered his experience in the Hip/Hop and R&B genre which adds another dimension to the album.  Alex da Kid’s influence can be heard within the album’s initial track, the explosive dubstep-influenced “Radioactive”.  The lead single “It’s Time” has had plenty of exposure in the recent months as it was covered in Glee, and also featured in the trailer of the instant cult classic, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which has assisted the band’s skyrocketed success. The hand clapping beats and climatic chorus gives the track every reason to be the standout anthem of Night Visions, as the Vegas rockers provide you a pleading and heartfelt hook that you can scream out in the confines of your car.

Within the arena sized “Amsterdam”, vocalist Dan Reynolds delivers the line “But the rain won’t fall for the both of us” in the same style as Mojave Desert counterpart Brandon Flowers. “Hear Me” offers another catchy indie rock piece which will have festival crowds jumping all around the mosh pit. The album closer “Nothing Left To Say” takes a slower pace and is a brilliant choice to close the album with. The tracks’ harmonic vocals, emotive chorus and orchestra-feel transform what could only have been half-decent to a beautiful masterpiece.

Night Visions is a bold debut album that is an instant pleasure. Sure they may of skipped some steps along the way by creating an arena –rock album upfront, but it is enjoyable throughout and pays off for the Las Vegas four-piece. 


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