Album Reviews, Pop — May 20, 2013 at 9:27 am

REVIEW: Tokyolite – Hello EP


Artist Name: Tokyolite
Title Name: Hello EP
Label: Senzu Records (USA)/ Positive Records (JP)
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney

A debut release is the most important catalogued item for any band; it is the first impression that counts and it makes the road to success a lot less bumpy if you start the journey with a solid release. Tokyolite bring us their debut effort in the form of a five-track EP and have certainly ticked the box on creating a great first impression.

The Indonesian three-piece give their funk infused tunes an indie feel while planting catchy pop hooks within. Opening track “Coba” (English translation: Try) sets the funky mood of Hello, while “Yes! Dance!” lives up to its title and delivers an upbeat track with smooth vocals that you can dance to. However it is “Never Want” that becomes the highlight of the band’s first official release. The song that plays a focus on alter-egos with its song writing makes for a brilliant Sunday afternoon listen with the mellow grooves that it provides. The guitar-driven tunes are well matched with the polished vocals within Hello and brings out a chilled out and relaxing vibe.

Tokyolite produced a consistent sound over the EP’s entirety and stayed true to their original sound. The only noticeable downfall is the release stayed a little too true; some exploration and tweaking would not have gone astray to counter the one-dimensional efforts. However, if this impressive EP is a preview of what is inside the creative minds of Tokyolite, then the funky trio are certainly a band to keep on your indie radar.  



Hello - EP - Tokyolite


 Tokyolite – Never Want