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REVIEW: Amplifier – Echo Street


Artist Name: Amplifier
Title Name: Echo Street
Label: KScope
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

It’s such a joy to see that some of the most remarkable musical movements of the past are being revisited. Music is in fact cyclical, and when musicians run out of ideas and inspiration stemming from ‘whatever is playing on the radio today’, they go and revisit the past. This brilliant band from Manchester, England, is a progressive act with a heavy foot on the space rock pedal of sound effects. So if you want to travel through space and time and have your mind altered with no need to ingest illegal substances, this is the band for you.

Reaching now their fourth release in Echo Street, Amplifier shows signs of melodic maturity and musical eccentricity in the best seventies bipolar way. This release kicks-off with “Matmos”, a pop-chorus-driven eight-minute-long happy mood voyage. “The Wheel” follows with a darker and more intricate pattern, full of trippy keyboard melodies and crying guitar notes.

“Extra Vehicular” is the longest track on the album and its riffs show that the band has a heavier side that can surface at any time. “Where the River Goes” starts as a sixties-driven folk acoustic ballad, and then evolves into a heavier space-rock-prog-metal crossover. “Paris in the Spring” follows suit in a similar but perhaps less twisted fashion, while “Between Today and Yesterday” is finally a proper acoustic ballad, with no big twists or surprises, but a remarkably mellow tone. “Echo Street” is the stand out, mixing sixties era Pink Floyd psychedelic melodies with dreamy guitar effects that would make Tommy Bolin proud. “Mary Rose” closes the album alternating between slow numbing and straight out rocking parts, revealing the alternative rock side of the band.

The great variety of songs, the refined taste, and the rich offering of sound textures and musical moods make this release a must for fans of the genre, and worth checking for any fans of good music.



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