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REVIEW: Pryapisme – Hyberblast Super Collider



Artist Name: Pryapisme
Title Name: Hyperblast Super Collider
Label: Apathia Records
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


It’s time to step outside of the comfort zone, and review something a little bit different. French band Pryapisme pitch their music as avant-garde metal mixed with electronic… and that label seems to be suitable overall, but ‘odd heavy electronic’ would also fit.

Their album Hyperblast Super Collider is a collection of songs that could well serve as the soundtrack to a party hosted by Jean-Luc Ponty and Rammstein, with Moby and Kraftwerk alternating as DJs, and an invitation that reads ‘leave your sanity at the door’. I mean that in a good way, as all these musicians and bands – like them or not – were ahead of their time. Escaping your own sanity is the ultimate form of escapism from this already mad world.

The interesting thing is that the tempo changes and rhythmic variations are so odd that dancing to this would challenge not just your mind but your skeleton too. All songs are marked by electronic beats and all sorts of crazy synthesized sounds, peppered by some pleasant melodies here and there, taunted by some disturbing note progressions at times, and topped by heavily distorted guitar riffs at others. There are even attempts at blast beats – so you can dance, head bang, lose your mind and let your body loose all in one go. “Random Jean Vino” is the standout for its heavier parts and dissonant riffs.

I must admit this is not my cup of tea – buy hey, there is certainly an audience out there for this kind of music that, after all, is really out-of-the box, even though a bit out of mind too. Intriguing enough to note, the cover art is kinda cool too as it depicts this video-game inspired cat with an inverted cross on his forehead – Nyan cat meets Glenn Benton. 


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