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REVIEW: White Wizzard – The Devil’s Cut



Artist Name: White Wizzard
Title Name: The Devil’s Cut
Label: Earache Records
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


White Wizzard is a metal combo that emerged out of the sea of ’80s revival bands that has been flooding the metal shores for the past ten years. They are a catch-all, all-in-one traditional metal tribute band: Maiden-esque riffs, power metal vocals, remarkable melodies and a fist-to-the-sky attitude. White Wizzard now reach their third full length in The Devil’s Cut, plodding up the hill against the fading of said revival – tides apparently turning towards the decade that came next. Well, fighting market trends is nothing new for metal, and these guys seem to have what it takes to survive.

The aptly titled intro “Forging the Steel”, amalgamated with second track “Strike the Iron”, opens the opus and invites you to head bang straight away: catchy mid-tempo riff (yes, you will think you heard that before), exciting licks alternated with vibrato-driven solos, and long intro opening space to a sequence of vocal lines that will touch the heart of any metal aficionado. Highlights however go to “Lightning in My Hands”, a no-frills epic metal anthem with its butterfly-in-the-stomach-generating riffs and depression-eliminating high-pitched vocals. Yes, metal is alive, thank you!

The album progresses within the boundaries of the genre with no major surprises, for a crowd that doesn’t want any surprises – happy with the comfort zone created more than 30 years ago. “The Sun Also Rises” remarkably closes the album in a slower pace. It is the last – but certainly not least – of the nuggets presented throughout this juicy and refreshing collection of metal gems.


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The Devils Cut - White Wizzard