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REVIEW: Deap Vally – Sistrionix



Artist Name: Deap Vally
Title Name: Sistrionix
Label: Universal Island Records
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney


Looking at the American rock duo Deap Vally would probably make you assume that the girls met at a Led Zeppelin reunion concert or some underground bar around the outskirts of Los Angeles. This is not the case at all though, Lindsey Troy (vocal/guitar) and Julie Edwards (drums) met at a crochet class. When they’re not crocheting or knitting, these garage girls are producing some blues-inspired rock.

Their debut LP has just been released with the unusual title, Sistrionix, which has been revealed to be a conjunction of the two words: sisters and histrionic. Sistrionix begins with the monotone strum of distorted guitar within “End Of The World”, it may be simple but it certainly magnifies the dirty rock’n’roll chorus riff that it builds up to.

Giving nods to The White Stripes, “Baby I Can Hell” and “Walk Of Shame” follows the dirty blues rock path, the latter describing the scenario of a girl returning home after a one night stand. “Gonna Make My Own Money” is the female duo’s most popular song to date and though it only has four unique lines of lyrics, it lets the guitar do most of the talking and could very well be 2013’s female empowerment anthem.

Scuzzy rock is definitely a major theme for the guitar’n’drums duo, with plenty of dirty rock (“Lies”), electric blues (“Your Love”) and some lovely classic rock’n’roll grunt (“Bad For My Body”). You can almost feel the vibration of the guitar through your headphones during “Woman Of Intention”, while the album closer “Six Feet Under” shows maturity and a possible future change of direction for the next album during the slow-paced track.

Sistrionix is a not trying to reinvent anything, it draws a lot from its influences and that works pretty well. The powerful rock’n’roll guitar with bluesy vocals are simple and straight forward, but deliver one dirty looking punch. This album’s core purpose is to be blasted out of the speakers within the bedrooms of today’s youth, and it will certainly succeed at that.



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