Album Reviews, Rock — July 22, 2013 at 2:50 pm

REVIEW: Editors – The Weight Of Your Love


The Weight Of Your Love

Artist Name: Editors
Title Name: The Weight Of Your Love
Label: Play It Again Sam / Love Da Records
Reviewed by: Indran Paramasivam


I’m a lump of meat with a heartbeat”—drones frontman, Tom Smith on the opening track of this record. The cruel irony of this record, the band’s fourth, is that reactions to it can be matched by how that line is received. Cheesy? Overwrought? Just plain bad? Or, unequivocally honest and visceral? Well, pick your side according to how convinced you are, or if you’re convinced at all. Unfortunately, still, The Weight Of Your Love is not the kind of record that polarizes with its merit. Rather, it belongs in a category of pop that locates the pressure points of a slew of superficial emotions and gives to those sentiments and impulses musical expression that is culturally accepted and regarded as “dark”. This variety of music has its ardent heart-on-sleevers and, rightfully so, its smirking unbelievers. 

It all comes down to the principle that just because something is emotionally accessible—especially in the most uncritically elementary way—doesn’t make it good. Editors suffer from the plague of the general on this record. “General” looms large over the band’s work here, musically and lyrically. Sweeping rushes of sound and sentiment feature in much of the album especially on, “A Ton Of Love”. Again, irony is not on the band’s side. Having mined a gloriously successful path for themselves over the years, the band seems to have gotten comfortable and, worse, content. Arena-sized anthems are well and good and even necessary but even those require some sort of creative commitment.




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