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Shedding Light on The Lumineers


The Lumineers

The love for music of a more rustic, pastoral quality is being rekindled in recent days and one of its most buzz-worthy torchbearers is the Colorado-based trio that make up The Lumineers. Composed of singer-guitarist Wesley Schultz, cellist-vocalist Neyla Pekarek and drummer Jeremiah Fraites, the band’s penchant for straight-forward, earnest melodies reveal a disarmingly refreshing honesty that has aided in catapulting their eponymous debut album to the 8th position on the Billboard 200 chart. As Fraites humbly states, “We’re not reinventing the wheel or doing anything that is different, the songs are super simple. The ideas themselves are very simple ideas. Anyone who can play an instrument can play a Lumineers song.”

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that ‘The Lumineers’ is an easily accessible record, with a distinct Americana flavour and infectious choruses carrying light lyrical themes of love and hope. The second track of the album, ‘Classy Girls’, opens with warm background sounds accompanying its first verse, faraway chatter, even a door swinging open and shut, before erupting into a full-blown banjo-driven singalong session complete with handclaps and cello refrains. There is no escape – you’ve landed deep in the heart of Denver, Colorado and the rodeo is just about to begin. The album reaches its peak with the hot lead single ‘Ho Hey’ – if this tune has miraculously eluded you all this while, click ‘play’ to watch the video for the song below and discover for yourself its immense catchiness. Music Weekly will not be held accountable for any earworms that might ensue.

This year, The Lumineers continue to blaze their musical trail, with their performances on Saturday Night Live and this year’s Grammy Awards, where they had received two nominations. The band is also set to take the stage at countless festivals this year including Coachella and Sasquatch Music Festival,  as well as a host of other dates around Europe and the UK. 

 Watch the video for The Lumineers’ hit song  “Ho Hey” below:

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