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Spotlight on Urbanscapes: 9 Maps


Hello! How would you describe 9 Maps’ sound?

 Sherin: Hello, Music Services Asia. 🙂 Among the many things it could be, on any given day it’s certainly indie-folk; oneiric; existential ramblings and visions delivered in harmonic ebbs and flows. Others have described it as a slow-burning candle, or a great partner in a traffic jam. We seem to be slowly transitioning to a slightly more electronic sound, but probably won’t go too far. 

Ciosa: We’ve been described as folk, acoustic, indie and I still never know how to answer this question. I suppose we’re somewhere in between those genres.

Gabe: It could definitely be described as indie-folk, though there are some progressive undercurrents going on as well. For me, the melodies and harmonies have just as much of their own hues and voices going on alongside what’s being said vocally, so honestly I spend as much time listening to that as trying to accompany them. It’s easy to find one thread in the music and hear a different song each time. Definitely for the active listener.  

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

S: Oh, here goes! It’s pretty sentimental for me! I wonder if our manager knows just how much. I’m Malaysian, moved to HK with my family when I was 13 and since then, MY’s mainly been a place for family reunions and summer holidays. There’s only a handful of connections I’ve really maintained and as a result – although we’ve played in SG and JK – I’ve never played my own music in MY. But MY is home, and I’m so incredibly proud of and impressed by Urbanscapes. It’ll be my first time going. Playing to the home crowd is probably going to be both terrifying and liberating. I’m most looking forward to watching the local bands and Sigur Ros, equally. 

C:  We’re very flattered and really pumped.  I’m just generally looking forward to being in Malaysia and checking out the bands. Urbanscapes seems to have a great lineup of local and international artists and looking very forward to seeing Sigur Ros, of course.

G:  It’s a mix of feeling both proud and humble to be invited to be a part of such an amazing event. We’ve all been looking forward to it so much – can’t wait to get a real sense of the music going on locally in Malaysia and Asia in a broader sense as it compares to what we’ve seen of Singapore and Jakarta. I’ve only ever visited MY once before and to come back as part of this festival is a real privilege.    

What can festival-goers expect from 9 Maps’ set at Urbanscapes?

S: Question 1 answered in full and quite happy faces excited to see them!

C:  I think our live sets are very stripped down and have a little bit of a different vibe compared to the album, so, expect the unexpected I guess!

G:  We’ll definitely be on our toes! We really want to do well by the Urbanscapes crowd; to show them our gratitude by way of our performing best.  

If 9 Maps could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, who would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

S: I’m going to be predictable. If my knees could handle it… I’ve loved Sigur Ros for soo many years. In 2006, they came to HK and lifted it out of this world. I don’t feel worthy enough to say what the collaboration would sound like!   

G:  I’m with Sherin – as an embarrassingly new convert to many of the artists coming together at the festival, I’m really spun by Sigur Ros and would love to delve into their atmospheric sound.  

C: Sigur Ros, all the way.


Watch a lovely live performance of ‘Hidden Agenda’ below and if you’re yearning for more, here’s a treat – listen to all the tracks from their debut album ‘High Incline’ here! Don’t forget to say hello to them on their Facebook page here.

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