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Spotlight on Urbanscapes: Charlie Lim



Hello! How would you describe ‘the Charlie Lim sound’?

Heya! Right now it’s treading the fine line between gritty singer-songwriter/folk-rock and slicker urban/neo-soul. I think I have some twisted career death-wish to be the adopted Asian lovechild of Jeff Buckley and D’Angelo. I’m also experimenting with electronica and synthesis more and that adds a different dimension to the sound, as long as it doesn’t take away any heart and earnestness from the music.

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

It’s our second time playing in Malaysia and our first doing a festival there, so I’m sure it’s all going to be a real eye-opener. We’re just looking forward to soak up the atmosphere. The headlining acts are pretty killer.

What can festival-goers expect from your set at Urbanscapes?

The band and I have been on tour around Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Indonesia and Manila) for the last couple of months so it couldn’t be more fitting to round off a great year by playing at Urbanscapes. Besides the tunes from the EP (released 2011) we’ve got a bunch of new material that’s a little more progressive stylistically. Plus we might even cover a Frank Ocean tune mixed with a bit of St Vincent-esque fuzz guitar…

If you could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, who would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

I saw Yuna live when we were at the Mosaic Festival in Singapore earlier this year and just fell in love with her voice. Her album’s very sweet, and I really dig the tracks Pharrell produced. It would be epic if I could ever get to work with her… even an angry duet about the most painful heartbreak would still probably sound like milk and honey and all things plush and velvety.


Check out this stunning performance of ‘There Is No Love’ and then proceed to show Charlie some love via Facebook here

Spotlight on Urbanscapes
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