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Spotlight on Urbanscapes: DANGERDISKO


Describe DANGERDISKO’s sound:

Robotron 5000: Our sound is an unholy mix of nu disco, 80’s new wave, indie dance and of course, house music. I’d say we’re definitely heavily influenced by the whole 80’s revival movement and our key sound has always leaned towards the iconic/cheesy 80s glam era. Big reverbed snares, big spacey synths and even bigger hooks has always been our signature sound. 

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

We are super excited on making it to this year’s official roster. We’ve been going to the Urbanscapes festivals for almost a decade now, and we’ve witnessed it grow from a small-scale event to a full blown festival. We’ve grown up watching amazing bands performing on Urbanscapes’ stages and never in our wildest dreams thought that we’d be selected to play at the festival’s 10th year anniversary! We’re completely ecstatic!

What can festival-goers expect from DANGERDISKO’s set at Urbanscapes?

We’re doing something totally different than our usual DJ sets. It’s something that we’ve worked on for quite some time, and we’ve reserved it to debut at big events such as this. We’re gonna do a live set, that is quite similar to Daft Punk’s infamous Alive concerts. Live remixes, on the spot beats, original cuts and mashed up familiar tunes. Also there will be loads of goodies to be given away that day. We are bringing the whole shabang! It’s gonna be wild!

If DANGERDISKO could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, who would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

Haha! We’re actually working with a few of the acts featured on Urbanscapes 2012 lineup for our upcoming album, but I have to remain tight lipped on that! If we were to choose only one act, it would probably be The Trees and The Wild from Indonesia. Their music is so amazingly chill and relaxed, which is the complete opposite of what we do. It’s an unconventional pairing, and we love it that way. The challenge will always be finding the middle ground in which works for both collaborators. We would love to do a dancefloor ready tune with them! 

Hook up with DANGERDISKO via Facebook or get dancing to their tunes below! 

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  1. Wong Chee Mun says:

    The author is Grimes fan. Hell yeah.

    it is awesome to know there is local electronic performer. awesome

  2. Carl Basquiat says:

    Amazing music!