Artists / Bands, Rock — October 8, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Spotlight on Urbanscapes: Free Deserters


Describe Free Deserters’ sound:

Zack Yusof: The tipping point where sweet melody meets loud distortion – with added reverb.

Brendan Teh: Like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard before.

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

Zack: We are definitely excited about making our Urbanscapes return (We last played the festival back in 2008) and are looking forward to unleashing tunes from our new album Crowd Control on the unsuspecting public. Warning: It may well get loud and sweaty down the front.

Brendan: Looking forward to going back home… and raiding backstage beers if there’s any!

Ari Bactil:  Looking forward to jamming in my backyard.

What can festival-goers expect from Free Deserters’ set at Urbanscapes?

Zack: Energy, intensity, musicality, virtuosity and a couple of other surprises thrown in for good measure.

Brendan: Some live art while the band is playing… and maybe a broken string.

If Free Deserters could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, whom would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

Zack: Given a choice, I would pick Tenderfist to collaborate with and it would probably sound like Joy Division on steroids.

Brendan:  No one – not even Sigur Ros.

Connect with Free Deserters on Facebook here and be spellbound by their psychedelic music video below:

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