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Spotlight on Urbanscapes: Narmi


How would you describe Narmi’s sound?

Hello! I would say that if my sound was a person, it’d be named Jason Mayer, haha! I guess you could say that my sound is slightly dream-like, somewhat comforting with just the right amount of storytelling.

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

I am actually very honored to be invited to play at the festival. I got a chance to play last year on the Moonshine stage and it was such a blast! It’s also really awesome that I get to be on the same bill with such amazing musicians.

I’m looking forward to meeting my fans and just exploring the festival grounds. Festivals like these attract people from all over the country, which means meeting new people and hanging out with some that we haven’t seen in a while, so it’ll definitely be good times!

What can festival-goers expect from Narmi’s set at Urbanscapes?

I am confident that festival-goers can expect feel-good vibes, honest words, and stories blended in with some corny jokes.

If you could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, who would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

Wow, this is an interesting question! There’s just so many to pick from. I feel like I want to collaborate with them all. And it would sound like a giant ball of awesomeness, maybe… haha!


Visit Narmi’s official website here, keep track of his adventures via Facebook here, swoon over this rendition of ‘Whirl’ below and then check out his YouTube channel for more!


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