Artists / Bands, Dance / Electro — October 15, 2012 at 4:25 pm

Spotlight on Urbanscapes: Pastel Lite


Describe Pastel Lite’s sound:

We are an experimental band. We combine an eclectic mix of noise samples, electronica pop, shoegaze riffs, disco beats and as well as old school vocals. However, we have this habit of exploring new things and coming up with something different occasionally. So honestly, we could not really tell you what to expect from us.

What are your thoughts on playing at Urbanscapes Festival and what are you most looking forward to?

We are mostly excited about this year’s Urbanscape.The line up is just to die for. We are looking forward to seeing all of the peformers actually. But if we had to pick, it had to be Sigur Ros, 9 maps, and Yuna.

What can festival-goers expect from your set at Urbanscapes?

They could expect a very nervous bunch of newcomers doing the very best they could to try and make people dance and have a great time.

If you could collaborate with one other act that is also performing at Urbanscapes, who would you pick and what do you think the collaboration would sound like?

It’s hard to pick. We look up to all the performers of Urbanscape, local or not. It would be like picking among your children. But we’ve been thinking of working with Yuna even before Pastel Lite existed (because she’s so amazing) so we guess she would be the obvious choice. We honestly could not visualize exactly how our collaboration would turn out to be. With Yuna, you’ll never know what to expect. She’s massively talented and she’s just full of surprises.

Give Pastel Lite a spin with this video of ‘Fade Away’ below and say hello to them on Facebook here.

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