Artists / Bands, Dance / Electro — May 17, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Taiwan turning RED


It all began in 2010, when music producer, recording engineer, arranger, and film music composer DJ Code got to know fashion and visual artist Shao Shih through a demo tape of an advertisement project. He was immensely impressed with the singer’s vocal prowess, and decided to invite her for a collaboration. The track “Snow” – taken from DJ Code’s album Asia River, has been a great success that the two decided to start a band in 2011 and then called it Red. 

Later on, they added Pierre Hujoel to their line-up, the band’s keyboardist with background in classical and electronic music. Together, he and DJ Code bring the sound of traditional Chinese instruments and mix them with Western elements, while Shao Shih’s vocals sets an electrifying tone to the tracks.