Culture, Events, Live Reviews — July 2, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Weekend Jams — Baybeats 2012 Roundup


Bay Beats photo credits: Baybeats Official Website

It was as it always was: sprawling, magnificent in its scope, and thoroughly enjoyable. Baybeats 2012 lasted from 29 June – 1 July, and came to end with the raucous bombast that was King Ly Chee’s set. Its three-day lifespan saw the staging of performances by bands that played music from a dizzying mix of genres and styles. Calling it a “celebration of music” might come off as trite and simplistic, but it was just that—a three-day jaunt through multifarious sounds in homage of Music. Simple? Yes. Reductionist? No, not a chance.

Baybeats has always been big. Even the way it is organized has a strident element of monumentality to it: three days — three days of genre-confounding music. Such an embarrassment of musical riches seems like vigorous insistence on the Esplanade’s part for us to expose and to immerse ourselves in music from our own neck of the woods and from the regions beyond. Where else can local stalwarts and upstarts alike share a stage with talent from adrift of our national waters? No gig else but Baybeats.

As I let my consciousness bathe and bask in the blistering power of Rudra’s riffage on the second day, I realized what my Baybeats attendance over the years has given me: an education. Not only my musical palate but my awareness of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of local and international talent has been greatly, greatly edified. I find it beautifully paradoxical that an understanding of Music, expansive though it is, has been sharpened and refined by coming to the shows year after year. This is music that cuts through the confines of not just taste but geography.

Punk, folk, rock, indie, Cashew, Chemist, Ly Chee, Sunset—whatever the scene, Baybeats has it all. Next year, again, will we all stand under the banner of Music, raised up high by Baybeats.

— Indran Paramasivam

Indran is a freelance writer especially interested in culture and the arts. In this age of speed and connectivity, the relationship between art and society and between art and culture is complex and dynamic. Situated in Singapore, Indran is actively involved in exploring how art, particularly, music, is produced and received amidst a backdrop of ever-evolving trends and influences.