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Baybeat’s Artists Head to Head: Asian Chairshot & These Brittle Bones


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Named after a professional wrestling attack manoeuvre, Korean rockers Asian Chairshot combine explosive guitars, bass and drum work with vocal melodies that are uniquely full of surprises. At times rambunctious, at times mellow, the three-piece outfit works with a wide range of musical styles that stretches from grunge to metal, psychedelic and power-pop. And even though they are fairly new to the scene, the trio have garnered much attention since forming in 2011 – they were recently featured in an iPad commercial for South Korea earlier this March.

On the other side of the coin we have Chris Jones, aka These Brittle Bones, who is a 14-year-old artist from Wales. First playing the piano at age seven, by eight he was writing his own songs. Five years later, his first and self-released EP, recorded in his bedroom, caught the interest of Leonard Soosay of Snakeweed Studios – who immediately fell in love with his style of gloom-folk and asked him if he could produce his next record. And Radiohead’s management company, who signed him on straightaway.

Both artists, with very different styles and very different stories, come together to form part of the Baybeats Festival lineup which takes place at Esplanade Theatres on the Bay in Singapore on the 28th – 30th June. Asian Chairshot and These Brittle bones join us to discuss all things Baybeats.


What was your reaction to finding out that you made the Baybeats line-up?

Chris, These Brittle Bones: I was asked to play Baybeats this year and was extremely happy to be playing another festival before going back home to the UK for my annual trip! The line-up is awesome and I cannot wait to see acts like Tall Mountains and Esther Lowless!

Asian Chairshot: We’re so stoked for joining the Baybeats Fest! Because this is our first show outside of South Korea we were surprised that our turn is last on the 28th. In Korea, a last turn means you are a famous or well-known band! We’re just short live bands in here. We feel this is too good for us (laughs) but we’ll enjoy this festival and show you our best.


Who do you look up to for inspiration, musical or otherwise?

Chris: My playlist is filled with Laura Marling, Bon Iver and so forth. Recently I have started expanding my musical tastes to different alternative styles and have enjoyed various post-rock gigs and playing with different instrumentation.

Hwang Youngwon (Vocal/Bass): Personally I love Nirvana, The Beatles and am also inspired by 80s Korean pop music like Kim Hyunsik, Kim Kwangseok and Deulgukhwa.

Son Heenam (Guitar): My favorite is Radiohead, Kulashaker, some alternative and Brit-pop. Some people have said my guitar tone is like Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) and I like them very much, too. We are all inspired by Deulgukhwa’s lyrics and music.

Park Kyewan (Drums): I like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many more. But my favorites are Deulgukhwa, Sanulim, Kim Kwangseok and Cho Yongpil, who are all Korean rock-folk artists. The music we listen to has been inspired by learning, living and growing up in South Korea.


What are the pros and cons to performing in front of a large group of punters?

Chris: I haven’t had the chance yet, but I should imagine that it would be an incredible experience! I think reactions from the audience would be great, but if I did ever play to a large audience, it might be hard to create an intimate atmosphere that can be found in smaller gigs, which leads to more interaction with the crowd.

Asian Chairshot: It’s an honor for us to play in front of a large crowd on a big stage. We hope you all enjoy our set!


What Southeast Asian artists should we keep an eye out for?

Chris: Too many to list! But you should definitely look out for Inch Chua, The Sam Willows, and Charlie Lim upon your travels!

Asian Chairshot: We don’t know many Southeast Asian music but we surely hope we can make friends there via Baybeats Festival and we can introduce all the good music in Southeast Asia to our friends in South Korea.

Park Kyewan (Drums): Recently I’ve been listening to Khusugtun ethnic bands! They play Mongo traditional music. So awesome! And I like Ok Mocca from Thailand. I want to learn about more and more artists from Southeast Asia.



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