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Cakra Khan and the Two-Hit Wonder


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Cakra Khan is Indonesia’s newest pop wonder. Since his debut into the music realm last year he has picked up an astonishing 3 awards – Best New Artist, Best New Song and Best Solo Pop Artist – at this year’s Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards, a feat that was unexpected by many and that very few artists are blessed to achieve. To add to his overwhelming success story, he has only ever released two singles.

We spoke to Cakra on the back of his AMI wins about the new pressures he now faces. He also teases us about the excitement of what is to come in his upcoming debut album and explains why its release was held off.


What does it mean to be an AMI recipient?
It is such a huge honour for me because I never expected to win, especially when considering that all of the other nominees have been in the industry for a longer period of time than me and have more experience. So it’s just like dream come true for me and I am still coming to terms with it now.

How did you celebrate on the night? Any interesting stories from the after party?
Honestly, I did not attend any after party as I was quite exhausted just arriving back from the Netherlands a day prior. I’m also not really in to the party scene. After the AMI awards, I went home and slept. No interesting story here.

You’ve received much critical acclaim with just two singles. How do you keep yourself grounded with the amount of overwhelming success gained in such a short period of time?
I feel that I, along with my closest family and friends, have worked extremely hard, long and tiring hours to get to the stage I am at now with winning at the AMI awards. So although I have only released two singles, I like to think that all the work that my loved ones and I have endured has made the award deserving. To keep myself grounded I always remind myself that my voice is a God given talent and that I didn’t do anything special to receive it so I always make sure that I never have a prideful attitude despite the success of my first two singles. Everyone in the world has their own special gifts and talents given by God, they just have to find out what they are and utilise them to achieve their dreams.

We’re dying to know what you have planned for your debut album. What can fans expect?
(Laughs) I love to make people curious about that but actually what I will say is this, as a new artist the first step is to try and find what kind of artist you are and what genre best fits your capabilities. That is what I have tried to do with my new, upcoming album. I have sung songs that may seem a little out of my comfort zone but to try mix up the genres to show my fans that I am capable of singing many differing genres.

Do you feel any pressure releasing the album straight after your AMI win?
Not at all. Truth be told, I really wanted to release this album a couple months ago, but I learnt to choose the right time and a good strategy and I believe now is the perfect time for my album to be released.

Any plans on taking your music internationally?
(Laughs) Absolutely, I guess maybe this is a common dream amongst all singers. If one day soon the chance comes up for a shot at being an international artist, I would be willing to have a go. I am hoping that opportunity can become a reality for me.



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