Culture, Interviews — October 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Cruising Together with Green Island Music


The name ‘Green Island Music’ carries the air of a lush, peaceful escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life, which is apt considering the inherent spirit of the Indonesia-based label and promoter. With a refreshing roster of unique artists such as Stars and Rabbit and Ray D’Sky, the future sure looks bright and sunny for Green Island Music. Music Weekly has a mini-interview with founder Riva Pratama to learn more on Green Island Music’s identity and outlook. 


Music Weekly: Hello Riva, you’re just back from the Green Island Music mini-festival Islands of Dreams on Gili Trawangan with Ray D’Sky. Tell us more about Green Island Music’s identity.

Riva Pratama: When the company was first launched, it focused mainly on artist management but it is now expanding and growing more involved in music business, such as record distribution, publishing, music marketing/publicity, concert tour production and booking. The marketing outreach of our team is engaging consumers and broadening awareness for our artists and brand partners.

You seem to work on a profusion of projects, what’s cooking for Green Island?

Green Island is more like a ‘family tree’ and home for our artists. We customize our campaigns with the mission of maximizing exposure and driving sales for the artists we serve in a creative and interactive way. We’re working with a small team which specializes in coordinating and facilitating artist/band features, editorial reviews, filmed in-studio or on-site interviews and showbiz production/creation.

What factors do you consider when selecting a band/artist for Green Island Music?

Simple, good music & attitude : )

How do you see the future of the indie music scene in Southeast Asia? What needs to be done?

I see a high tide approaching in the future, and to prevent it we need to work on it ‘back to back’ together as one. So when the time comes, we’ll all be able to ‘cruise’ together.

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