Crush of the Day, Culture — January 11, 2013 at 10:24 am

Crush of the Day: Daughter


It’s hard not to be instantly hypnotized by Elena Tonra’s emotive, haunting voice. Leading the London-based experimental folk duo, Daughter, Tonra’s lyrics cut straight through to your soul. Few artists could make “I hate your guts/ I hate you” (“Landfill”) sound so beautiful, yet the English songbird has a fragility that is at once heart-breaking and endearing.

Originating as a solo artist, Tonra released her self-produced debut EP, “His Young Heart”, with help from guitarist (and partner) Igor Haefeli in 2011 before enlisting drummer Remi Aguilella on the second EP, The Wild Youth. To say their debut full-length, If You Leave – announced today – is highly anticipated would be an understatement.

There is no doubt that there’s darkness in Daughter’s music. It is perfectly juxtaposed, however, with Tonra’s wistful, vulnerable voice, Haefeli’s subtle guitar hooks and Aguilella’s driving bass drum. In “Home”, Tonra sings, “I think I should be a little more confident in myself, in my skin”; with a gift like hers, one would think confidence is the least of her worries.

Listening to both EPs, back to back, over and over, would be anything but a challenge, as there are so many things to fall in love with. The only difficulty is choosing a highlight from each. Nevertheless, if you’ve only got 8 minutes, take “Landfill” (“His Young Heart”) and “Home” (“The Wild Youth”), close your eyes, and prepare to be mesmerized.

Daughter – Landfill


Daughter – Home