Crush of the Day, Culture — November 9, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Crush of the Day: Rangleklods – ‘Cough’

I recently saw Rangleklods live in a small club in Hamburg, during the Reeperbahn Festival in September – a great new discovery. 
The fellow Dane’s work was initially sketched out in home country Denmark, but became greatly colored by moving to Berlin in early 2010. 
The sound consists of recorded instruments, noises and analogue gear alongside purely digital and intensely programmed patterns intertwining into audioscapes ranging from minimal to ‘Wall of Sound’. Both in that regard and composition-wise Rangleklods points just as much backwards towards David Bowie and The Doors as it does forwards, animated by ie. James Holden and The Field.
The debut album is now out, Ranlgeklods aka Esben Andersen is a bit of a bee and honey aficionado and sees bees as the perfect correlation of order and chaos; hence the album title Beekeper
‘Cough’ video from the new album: