Culture, Events, Live Reviews — January 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Dear Laneway Festival 2013


Laneway, you made my Saturday. I found you more grown up than last year, your line-up was very professional and it was possible to differentiate one band from another – even with your (still and ever) weird double stage and 5 minutes intermission breaks. Making choices and running from stage to stage is what makes a real festival. But let’s keep the “Singapore is so small” excuse for now.

It was sunny, lucky you, and there was no shadow/no umbrella allowed. People burnt red, bought all of your 5$ small water bottles, queued forever for beers and still got drunk, waved from a stage’s side to another, or just had picnic breaks on the lovely site’s grass. The Meadow of Garden by the Bay is a quite spacious site with an impressive view on Marina Bay Sands and some other Singapore’s architecture eccentricities. A certain calm emanated from the surroundings, and we felt like on a privileged music islet. 


The bands graced the stages one after the other, the friendly Kings of Convenience opening and the surprisingly humble and visually luxuriant Gotye closing, both finishing the circle by mentioning each other. I guess that there was something for everyone in the line-up – for me Yeasayer, Of Monsters and Men, Poliça – and some perfect time/music coordination like Nicolas Jaar’s set and Bat For Lashes’. 

Exiting the festival, walking through this unknowable and almost unreal part of the city with this strong wind in the hair and “Somebody” still echoing (I would have preferred something else to stick in my head, but what to do?) felt like a magical moment. 

You won points, Laneway Festival Singapore, I will come back next year, when the trees would have grown bigger, and the stage hopefully split up.


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