Festivals — February 20, 2016 at 2:32 pm

S20 set to make a splash in Bangkok for Songkran festival




To get an idea about Songkran, just think of when you were a child and you used to have a water fight to stave off the heat of the summer. Perhaps you used to have a few water pistols and maybe a couple of water bombs. Now imagine an entire city, nay, an entire country getting in on said water fight and you’ve got some conception of what Songkran is all about. For three days in April, Thailand celebrates its traditional New Year, and erupts into a frenzied water fight with locals and travellers alike engaging in aquatic warfare.


Now imagine if this water fight taking place supported by a soundtrack of some of the EDM world’s hottest artists like Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Deoro and MAKJ and you’re getting a better idea about what S20 is all about.


After the success of the 2015 edition, S20 is back bigger and better than ever. The multimillion dollar outdoor festival promises to wow revellers with an even more elaborate staging and  impressive line-up of international acts.



Last year’s four-day S₂O festival attracted a total of 34,00 people, of whom, 20 percent were revellers from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. This year, organiser Woody World is anticipating a spike of some 36,000 fun-seekers over three days, with 12,000 on each night. This year a quarter of ticket sales are from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and China, evidencing the international appeal of the festival


Woody Milintachinda, founder and owner of S₂O, says: “S₂O is about creating a landmark event in Thailand. It aims to lift the image and celebration of Songkran to the next level. It’s about mixing Thais’ sense of fun and tradition, alongside an awesome festival production and international DJs to ring in the new year. Locals and those from the region don’t have to travel to Tomorrowland as they can have that big EDM festival experience in Bangkok, and at the most festive time of the year.”