Events — February 19, 2015 at 10:29 am

KaZantip Cancelled (Again) – But This Time It’s ACTUALLY Cancelled



Hundreds of revellers have been left disappointed Cambodian authorities to revoke the license for notoriously hedonistic festival KaZantip to operate just 24 hours before it was supposed to start.


Ticket holders arrived at the bridge to Koh Puos island ready to commence their festivities only to be met with disappointment as police had erected a 2 meter high metal barricade, preventing festival goers from entering the island. Authorities have gone on to confirmed that the festival has been ‘totally cancelled.’


The 10 day festival which was to be held on Koh Puos island in Sihanoukville originally had its license to hold the event revoked after concern about the corrupting influence on  Cambodian “tradition, culture and our youth” according to Chhit Sokhom, the provincial governor of the region. Less than a week ago organizers of the festival had managed to secure approval from the Minister of Tourism Thong Khon and governor Sokhom but it appears that authorities have again had a change of heart.


Local and military police have been deployed to block the bridge, the only entry point onto the island, preventing access to the festival site according to The Cambodian Daily. Dozens of tourists waited at the gate hoping that there will be a change of situation.


“Our principal focus is on eco tourism and cultural tourism and we don’t need indecent tourism,” said Chhin Seng Nguon, provincial deputy governor. “Provincial authorities have totally cancelled the KaZantip concert on Koh Puos and now we have deployed our forces to block [the bridge].”


KaZantip have been unavailable for comment but posted a cryptic message on their website stating “I could tell a lot, but this story still has no end. Yes, the final can be good and not so good. And while we can influence the script, we do everything and even more. Please understand this. If someone’s patience is ending, I understand this too. Yes, I clearly understand that there are chances to bury the whole history of Z or give birth to something really new. IT may be the most beautiful, the warmest, coziest home and craziest to … or the last one. It seems to me here and now on the edge of the Earth have gathered not strangers to each other and they know exactly why they have been traveling thousands of miles. I hope not only for music, but above all for communication and energy. You will get me very upset if you are bored with each other on the other side of the bridge, etc. as long as we are fighting for the life of the project, for which i have spent my life and strength, the talent of hundreds of others. Let all us be not sad a little more. Lets it be as we want, because we don’t want anything bad.”


It appears that organizers have not given up hope that the festival can still go ahead but Cambodian authorities have given no indication that their stance will change.