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REVISION: The Prodigy WILL NOT Be Playing A Special Intimate Show In Saigon



An opportunistic scammer purporting to represent Livescape (the organizers of Future Music Festival Asia) has taken advantage of a Vietnamese tour agency, acting as an agent for musical heavyweights The Prodigy and pulling an elaborate hustle that could potentially derail the company.

Ho Chi Minh based tour company Loud Minority, who were behind the successful Saigon International Music Week and brought out Canadian rocker Mac Demarco earlier in the year were given the opportunity of a lifetime to bring in electronic music pioneers The Prodigy in a special show as a result of the cancellation of Future Music Festival. The only trouble was it was a little too good to be true.


Damian Kilroy and Rod Quinton, the duo behind Loud Minority, were introduced to an Australian/Malaysian man known as Vince Chin (Chin Wei Chin) through Tariq Azam, a close connection to the partners who is also involved in the Saigon music scene. According to Kilroy, Chin had worked with Azam for 7 – 8 months and they were working on DJ shows together. Chin was at the level of trust where he was regarded as a partner by Azam.


The Facebook post notifying of the cancellation of the show


When Chin claimed that he was working with Livescape Asia and that the organization were looking for an opportunity to recover some of the sunk costs involved in having already paid the performance fee to The Prodigy, Loud Minority jumped at the opportunity to host them. Azam flew across to Kuala Lumpur to sort out the contract and to arrange the transfer of the initial payment of a ‘considerable sum’ of money to secure the booking.


Kilroy went on to say “At 11pm last night (Wednesday 10th March), they gave us the green light to announce it, which I did. I included Vince in admin of the Facebook event page as they said that they would help promote the event with it being last minute etc… a short while later, Vince cancelled the event on the Facebook page and removed himself from Facebook.”

Vincent Chin – The man police wish to speak to


Further investigation revealed that Chin had a history of deceptions, scamming money from other individuals and even being fined for beating a puppy to death (seriously, we can’t make this stuff up). He certainly did not represent Livescape and didn’t have the authority to make bookings for The Prodigy. Instead, as soon as the funds had cleared, he disappeared into the night, leaving a big hole in Loud Minority’s bank account where the booking fee used to be and hundreds of disappointed fans who will no longer be able to catch the globe conquering superstars in the intimate confines of Cargo Bar. Police were immediately notified and provided with the bank details and the copy of Chin’s passport and are now investigating the matter. Azam has remained in Kuala Lumpur to assist the police in their attempt to locate Chin.


One of the most perplexing details of the crime is that Chin would have had no way of knowing 8 months ago, when he and Azam first met, that Future Music Festival would be cancelled. Indeed the festival was in doubt that it would even run on the back of the drug scandals that rocked the festival in Kuala Lumpur last year. It appears to be a crime of opportunism, part of a wider pattern on Chin’s part that damages the fundamental faith that people have in humanity and leaving the dedicated individuals that work to improve the local music scene in Vietnam (and indeed across Asia) potentially facing financial ruin. We at MusicWeekly Asia extend our best wishes to the Live Minority team and hope this situation resolves itself and that justice is served swiftly and severely.


In good news, ex Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill will still be playing at Cargo this Friday night and will still be bringing the house down. And maybe, just maybe he could make a quick call to his old band mates and bring them down for a sneaky guest appearance? Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

The man police are looking to speak to, Chin Wei Shing (Vince Chin)



Hot on the heels of their explosive performances across Australia for Future Music Festival, electronic music pioneers The Prodigy are set to touch down in Ho Chi Minh for a special one night only performance.


Originally ex founding member of the pioneering group Leeroy Thornhill was due to perform a DJ set on his own at Lush however with the cancelation of Future Music Festival Asia in Singapore over drug concerns, the pioneering three piece will be instead setting their sights on Ho Chi Minh and performing live on stage for the first time in the country. Flying in directly from Sydney, the performance is the only appearance The Prodigy will make in Asia.


The group, comprised of frontman Keith Flint with his effervescent energy and scowling rock star swagger, legitimate musical prodigy Liam Howlett on production duties and Maxim belting out backup vocals and providing face shredding guitar licks.


Currently cooking up the follow up album to 2009’s Invaders Must Die, the group have been responsible for some of the biggest albums in electronic music over the past two decades. Their anthemic album ‘Music for A Jilted Generation’ was a groundbreaking piece bringing the group into the public’s eye whilst ‘The Fat Of The Land’ changed the direction of dance music as a whole.


Their achievements know no bounds including releasing smash hits ‘Breath,’ ‘Smack My Bitch Up,’ ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Omen,’ collecting a slew of MTV awards and Grammy nominations and performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the world including Coachella, Glastonbury and Ultra.


This truly is a unique opportunity to see one of the most significant electronic music acts of a generation. Their performance has been shifted to the (slightly) larger venue space at Cargo Bar with an incredibly intimate 1200 person capacity. For a band that regularly play stadium shows in front of in excess of 10,000 people, this is a rare opportunity indeed. If you needed some convincing, just take a peek at the energy in their live performances, like this one from Rock am Ring in 2013:


Tickets go on sale from Thursday Mar. 12 at Cargo Bar and cost VND500,000 per person (US$23). The show kicks off on Friday Mar. 13 at 9pm. Cargo Bar is at 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Q4, Ho Chi Minh City