Events — April 8, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Sound Of The Xity: China Music Conference and Showcase Festival



Sound of the Xity (SOTX) is an annual international music industry exchange trading platform in China. For this year’s installment, SOTX lasted for 4 days at MOMA The Post Mountain. It welcomed remarkable personalities of the music industry including: Christoph Borkowsky, Director of the World Music Expo(WOMEX);  Kai Artes, Producer of World Village music festival; Jung Hun Lee, General Manager of Ulsan World Music Festival; Jerome Williams, CEO of Earth Beat and Alexander Beets, Director of Institute of Music Management Education and Research. 

SOTX also invited local music industry pros like Zhang Ran, The Founder of SOTX and General Manager of United SX-Music Communication. Ltd; Shen Lihui, Founder of Strawberry Music Festival and General Manager of Modernsky Entertainment Co. Ltd; Scarlet Li, Founder of Zebra Festival and CEO of Zebra Media; Li Hongjie : Director of INMUSIC Festival; Zhang Fan, Founder of MiDi Festival and President of Beijing MiDi School of Music; Wang Hao, General Manager of and; Ying Liang, Vice Chief Editor & Music Center Director of LeTV.

It’s a four-day conference filled with areas in which China could try to improve on: music downloading, ticketing, international artists’ touring, music education in China and abroad, and the ever-so-intriguing copyright talk. It’s looking promising for China’s horizon in the matters of music and business. Surely in no time, the Chinese music market will be more specialized and will gain more expertise. Until then, local music pros and citizens alike are keen to welcome more international and professional music conferences to take place in their country.



Panel on Music Media: Presents and Future


(L-R): Ying Liang (Vice Chief Editor & Music Center Director, LeTV); Wang Hao (General Manager,; Scarlett Li (Founder, Zebra Festival/ Zebra Media); SiokSiok Chen (CEO and Founder, Kinetic One); Xue Donghui (Presenter, China Pirate Broadcasting Station/ Tangsuan Web Radio); Li Peng (Executive Publisher, Q).

Panel on Ticketing Formats: Innovations and Development


(L-R): Guan Shaobo (CEO, Huodongshi); Liu Yang (General Director, Damai Rock & Overseas Projects Department); Yongle Tickets representative

 Panel on Hidden Assumptions in the Foreign Music Festival Market

(L-R): Kai Artes (Producer, World Village Festival); Christoph Borkowsky (Director, World Music Expo (WOMAX); Annette Rose Tripodi (Operations & Program Manager, WOMADelaide Festival); Romuald Requena (European Collaborator, Indian Ocean Music Market); Jason Mayall (Director, Fuji Rock Festival Delegate).