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Fozzy – Sin And Bones


Artist Name: Fozzy
Title Name: Sins and Bones
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Fozzy are a band that hail from Atlanta, United States of America, and which initially couldn’t be taken much seriously – not that they wanted to be taken seriously. First of all, their name, initially Fozzy Osbourne, clearly both word-played and paid tribute to the undisputable prince of darkness, Mr. Ozzy, the great.

Secondly, their performances were mostly based on covers of classic hard rock and heavy metal – something that bled through their two first albums too. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. Some degree of mockery in music is very healthy – Spinal Tap, Green Jellÿ, GWAR and more recently, Steel Panther had various degrees of success doing that. And many great bands start out peppering cover versions of their favourite tracks, sometimes even making them more famous than the originals (can you name for example who is the original artist behind “Diamonds and Rust”, that Judas Priest made famous on their third album Sin After Sin?). Well by the third album, 2005’s All That Remains, Fozzy decided that they had enough talent to be taken seriously and started delivering their own songs primarily, leaving the covers as bonus tracks and such.

So reaching now their third album of this new phase, and fifth overall, they certainly prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that switching such gears was the right thing to do. This album is a monumental collection of hard rock and heavy metal anthems, and their talent is undeniable.

The meal starts with the heavy delivery of “Spider in My Mouth”, with a creepy intro and might riffs. Chris Jericho – also a professional wrestler – and his vocals sound clear and in your face, and vary between aggressive and melodic, mid-range, in the best tradition of ‘80s hard and heavy. “Sandpaper” has a poppier approach, full of hooks and catchy as hell. “Blood Happens” is probably less prominent than these other two, probably ending the entrée.

“Inside My Head” introduces the main course in power ballad style. Rich Ward and Billy Grey’s guitars really shine through on this one, with mighty riffs and beautiful arpeggios. “Sin and Bones” is a respectful heavy rocker, with a chorus that will get tattooed in your brain. Ah yes, these guys don’t hide their respect for their idols, as you will hear riffs ending in vibratos in the best Zakk Wylde style. “A Passed Life” is a more progressive set, where the vocals go higher that ever before. “She’s My Addiction” is a sappy party tune, while “Shine Forever” goes back to the groovy side. Frank Fontsere’s drum playing and Paul DiLeo bass attack give it a mighty rhythm with loads of bottom-end.

While the dessert starts quite well with “Dark Passenger”, a down-tuned slow song that gets progressively groovy, the absolute cherry on the top of the cake – and the whole meal – is the magnum opus “Storm the Beaches”. 10 minutes long, it tells the story of 1944’s “D” day (an important event of World War II), in the best “American pride” style, and is one of the best songs I’ve heard in ages. Powerful chords, remarkable solos, mad rhythm changes, epic orchestrations, all topped by goosebumps-worthy vocal lines that deliver the story while making you get your fist in the air and go “yes, this is what metal is all about!”

So thank you, Fozzy, for believing you had far more than a couple of cover tunes in store for all of us!





Storm The Beaches – Fozzy


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