Culture, Indie / Alternative, Interviews, Rock — November 16, 2012 at 12:40 pm

French Female Rockers Plastiscines Drops by Singapore


It’s been a while since we saw an all-girl band rocking it out on the stage, so here comes the Plastiscines: the all-female rock band hailing from France. Taking on the music scene since scoring a deal with NYLON Magazine’s NYLON Records, performing in Coachella, showing up on a Gossip Girl episode, touring with Cobra Starship and Family Force 5 and collaborating with Panic! At The Disco for a track (phew!), the girls are have now penned Singapore on their calendars. 

We’re lucky to have a chat with the band about what they’ve been up to and what’s coming up before they start setting up on Zouk‘s Singapore stage. 

Hi guys! You’ve been quite on the road recently with China on your list of past gigs. How’s the experience of touring again?

We feel blessed to travel that much, China was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to be in Singapore. We’re gonna release our 3rd album  in 2013, [so] before a real big tour, these in-between shows are a real bonus for us! We can test new songs, and meet our fans all over the world!

We haven’t heard from the band for a little while – any cool updates since your appearance in Gossip Girl in 2009?

We are actually finishing our album right now; we built this album in between US and France, it was important for us to have both country involved in the project as we spent a lot of time in LA but also love the French vibe too. We also wrote songs for a great cartoon last year called ‘Scary Larry’! We had so much fun doing it, we would love to work for that kind of project again!

With an album coming out in 2013, how has your music evolved from your last EP ‘About Love’?

We changed a lot these past few years, we went through some hard times in our personal or band life so it’s sure to have an influence on our music. The process is really different for this album, there are more people involved and a lot of new ideas and sounds! We love working with new people, it always brings energy to our music. It feels like a brand new start for us.

This is your first time performing in Singapore. What have you heard about the Southeast Asian audience? 

We have no idea, we’ll see on the 24th!

Any message to those folks seeing you on the 24th?

Thanks ! We hope you’ll enjoy our show and bring your friends!
The Plastiscines are gracing Zouk’s stage on Saturday, November 24 for the VOILAH! French Festival Singapore. Show starts at 10PM. See you there!