Artists / Bands, Culture, Interviews — June 7, 2013 at 8:28 am

Froya + L’Alphalpha to Play Baybeats Festival


Froya, L'alphalpha

Baybeats, the annual alternative music festival, is back this year to showcase regional favourites and bring much loved international artists to Singapore. The 3-day festival will be held between the 28th and 30th of June at Esplanade Theatres by the Bay, across three stages with performances by Incarnation (MY), Sloppy Joe (JP), These Brittle Bones (SG) and Save Me Hollywood (PH). Also on the lineup are the quirky indie-folk artist from Malaysia, Froya and dream pop, indie-rock band from Jakarta, L’Alphalpha.

Michelle Lee from Froya and Herald Reynaldo (vocals, guitar) and Yudishtira Mahendera (bass) from L’Alphalpha tell us how they’ve been preparing to give you an awesome show and who they are looking forward to seeing live.


Music Weekly: Have you started preparations for your appearance at Baybeats?

Froya: Yes of course! Me and the band are very excited to perform at Baybeats Festival. We are getting ready to put on a good show!

Herald Reynaldo: We prepared new materials to perform at Baybeats and we will also try to perform in a different way that we ever have before.


Phoenix and R Kelly wowed people on their live mash-up at Coachella this year. If you could collaborate with any artist on stage, in a completely different genre to yours, who would it be?

Froya: Calvin Harris! I’m a big fan of his music and everything he produces turns into gold! Yeah, it would be a great honor to collaborate with this man.

Herald: Any cross-genre collaboration can always be interesting. My personal choice, and if we have the chance to collaborate on stage, would be with Jack White.

Yudishtira Mahendra: Daft punk? Or maybe our friends from Hightime Rebellion sounds nice.


Do you enjoy playing large festival shows or do you rather the small, intimate kind?

Froya: I prefer playing at large festivals because the audience can get to know the actual arrangement and ideas of my music, instead of the stripped down version. I love colors and textures in my music and hope to bring that across to my audience. Having said that, I don’t mind small intimate gigs at all.

Herald: Both festival and intimate gigs have their own charms but I think I prefer the intimate ones.

Yudishtira: Large festivals gives us a new experience but small, intimate crowds are always amazing and memorable.


Who will you be watching side-of-stage at the festival?

Froya: Nothing to Declare, Frida, These Brittle Bones, Esther Lowless, Tall Mountains and many more! 

Herald: Actually, we’re all curious with all the bands in this festival so we’ll try to catch as many performances as we can.

Yudishtira: Festivals are always surprising. We can watch bands that we never knew before and they turn out to be great so we like to watch as many bands at Baybeats as possible.