Album Reviews, Culture, Dance / Electro — October 22, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Gema – Before: Restive Harmonies


Artist Name: Gema
Title Name: Before
Label: Syndicate
Reviewed by: Indran Paramasivam

Syndicate needs no introduction. Purveyors of heady electronic dance music experiences darkly contextualized by stylishly fractured visuals, the cabal has gained a reputation as Singapore’s audio-visual alchemists. Gema, a budding producer with the Syndicate label recently released a 5-track album, Before, which puts him on the right path towards sinister fruition.

Before is a subterranean candy shop of sounds and skittish beats, foreboding bass and accusatory vocal samples that flow at an elegantly languid pace that is simultaneously undercut by premonitions of danger. The space of each track is populated by sounds and shadows that exist in restless tension with one another. Fundamentally distinct, each sonic addition into the run time of each song affirms its own particularity, but, at the same time, heralds a new inclusion to foster a greater harmony in this aural underworld draped in fog and placemarked by mirrors. Listeners who allow themselves to inhabit these stark and chilling environs will be rewarded with a veritable trip to the nether realm of dance: a contagious revelry of a totally different kind.


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