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Grave – Endless Procession of Souls


Artist Name: Grave
Title Name: Procession of Souls
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio marraccini

If there is a reputable book on Swedish Death Metal, Grave has to be in it. If there is a decent documentary on Death Metal, Grave has to be in it (as a matter of fact, there is a book on Swedish Death Metal…). They are one of those bands that enjoy legendary status amidst knowledgeable metal heads. They may not be the leaders in sales, and their t-shirts might not be the most popular, but metal is not a popularity contest. Metal is passion for music, for the lifestyle, for breaking new grounds while keeping it interesting and heavy — and Grave has done all of that.

Their early nineties releases helped in forging the Scandinavian metal sound – and that is currently almost a genre of its own. While they did experiment with new sounds and ideas at some points in their 25 year career, their core is still that brutal, dark, heavy brand of death metal, marked by those drop-tunned guitar riffs that only these Scandinavians know how to brew. Reaching their 10th full length with no end in sight, they’re one of those bands we see as “home”, something you can trust, always return to when you need, and always get what you’re looking for.

Endless Procession of Souls is a collection of Death Metal anthems, marked by Ola Lindgren’s unmistakable growls and shreds, brutal rhythms dictated by Tobias Cristiansson on bass and Ronnie Bergerstahl on drums, and majestically complemented by Mika Lagren on guitars. “Passion of the Weak” and “Winds of Chains” are the stand-outs, and the whole album sounds linear, with one heavy and fast massacre after another. The whole tone and musical signature of the album will take you on a trip back to those golden early days of Death Metal, when remarkable bands were rising from all parts of the world, marking metal forever with their seminal releases. “Epos” closes the release in a slower, groovier, longer display of deep vocal invocations and unforgettable dark melodies.

It certainly seems that the book on Swedish Metal is a never-ending story, and this is one of its many stunning chapters.





GRAVE – Passion Of The Weak (ALBUM TRACK) 

 Grave’s ‘Endless Procession of Souls’ is now available on iTunes.