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Hiatus Done: The Killers Return with ‘Battle Born’


After a year long hiatus that saw three of the four members launch solo careers, The Killers are back with their latest effort, Battle Born.

After lead singer Brandon Flowers, guitarist Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. dabbled successfully in solo waters, it was the band’s rapturous live return headlining last April’s inaugural Lollapalooza festival in Chile that convinced them to write some songs together. After a few days, the song they all ended up coalescing around was Battle Born’s eventual lead single, “Runaways”.  A small-town drama of epic-scale proportions, “Runaways” is everything you could wish for from a Killers comeback single; an unmistakably American expression of romance and optimism that heralds their return with cyclonic, Who-esque guitars and a chorus big enough to be bellowed from one end of the Mojave to the other.

Battle Born is said to be The Killers’ strongest record to date and its triumph lies in the incorporation of elements of the records that came before it without sounding overtly like any other Killers song in particular. It’s the sound of a band recognizing – and celebrating – their own identity. Flowers shares that Battle Born is “the hardest thing I’ve ever done, no question. It’s the longest we’ve ever taken to make a record, and the longest I’ve ever spent on the lyrics. We thought we had enough songs, but then we realised that we didn’t, and so we had to pound away and grind it out until we were certain that we were ready.”


With the record now finally in the can, all four members are eager to get it out on the road and re-introduce the world to band, starting with a series of American and European dates this summer. 


1. Flesh and Bone
2. Runaways
3. The Way It Was
4. Here With Me
5. A Matter of Time
6. Deadlines and Commitments
7. Miss Atomic Bomb
8. The Rising Tide
9. Heart of a Girl
10. From Here on Out
11. Be Still
12. Battle Born  


THE KILLERS’ newest album BATTLE BORN is distributed by MCA Universal and is now available in CDs at Astroplus and Odyssey Music & Video Philippines or online via iTunes or



The Killers – Runaways