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The Darkness – Hot Cakes


Artist Name: The Darkness
Title Name: Hot Cakes
Label: Liberator Music / Distribution: Love Da Records
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

The Darkness is a band with a bunch of pretty unbelievable facts surrounding their history. First of all, the way their music sounds has a lot in common with the ‘80s American hard rock, or like some call it – sigh – “Glam” metal. Or should I say glam “metal” ? Anyway, I’m referring to the music that rose and peaked around 25 years ago, and which was primarily centred in Los Angeles, more particularly in the clubs around the sunset strip. Now, believe it or not, The Darkness are very much English.

Not only that, they blend that music with riffs that pay tribute to one of the best bands that ever existed in any kind of music, the Australian behemoth AC/DC. And that’s another unbelievable fact, as AC/DC openly refused any association with the term metal, let alone intentionally having any influence on glam-inspired bands… but the blend works perfectly. Even harder to believe is the fact that even with all those clear references, The Darkness sounds completely authentic, have powerful catchy tunes, and took the world almost 10 years ago, spearheading the ‘80s revival movement – that has been happening since then.

Now, the absolute jaw dropper: they broke-up right after the second album, only to return in 2011… Well, believe it or not, they pulled all that off and here they deliver us another respectful recording, going by the name of Hot Cakes – clever title, and with an exciting album cover that’s for sure. But what is even more exciting here is the music – and the music is good! Darn good. No fillers, hit candidate after hit candidate, starting from the opening rocker “Every Inch of You”, the absolute delightful melody of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”, the magnificent riffs of “With a Woman”… the list goes on!

“Keep me Hanging On” is probably the best tune of the album, one of those songs that goes all the way back to the very spirit of rock ‘n’ roll – somehow lost over the years. Catchy, danceable, melodic, happy and upbeat. “Living Each Day Blind” has more of a ballad feel, while the two tracks that follow pick up the pace again, leading to “Forbidden Love”, another stand out that could easily fill one of the best Foreigner albums from the ‘80s. Now while “Concrete” is not real surprise, “Street Spirit” certainly is, as it has pure heavy metal riffs and even higher pitched vocals. The albums sort of ends with the ballad-esque “Love is not the Answer”, and depending on the market and on the release version, you get all sorts of bonus content after that – and I won’t spoil the surprise (well at least not more then telling you that one of these songs features a very important flautist from a very important British progressive rock band).

Not much more to say about or to Justin Hawkins (Vocals and Guitars), Dan Hawkins (Guitars), Frankie Poullain (Bass) and Ed Graham (Drums), except for asking them to continue gratifying us with their unbelievable delightful music!





The Darkness – Every Inch of You – Lyric Video


The Darkness – Hot Cakes

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