Album Reviews, Artists / Bands, Culture, Metal / Hard Rock — November 5, 2012 at 2:31 pm

REVIEW: Evocation – Illusions of Grandeur


Artist Name: Evocation
Title Name: Illusions of Grandeur
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Once upon a time, in the distant Scandinavian country of Sweden, metal bands started forging a new brand of music, blending traditional and melodic influences, monstrous growls, and ripping fast guitar riffs. Sometimes referenced as melodic death metal, or “Gothemburg sound”, it had lots of similarities with a cousin offspring from that country’s capital city, Stockholm. All the bands responsible for the birth of those two now vastly respected metal trademarks became famous in the metal world… all of them ? Nope. A promising band that blended those two flavours in a very exciting and promising mix just disappeared from the radar even before they had the chance of a first album.

Well that band is Evocation, that split just before the whole scene exploded, only to return ten years later, times when metal was “on” again and comebacks were mostly welcome. This is now their fourth album after their mid-2010s re-birth, and show clearly why their premature demise saddened onlookers back then. While their style of music has a lot in common with giants such as In Flames (early), Amon Amarth or At the Gates, it also shows their association with past monsters such as Entombed or Unleashed. So fans of the genre, you’re in for a treat!

Throughout this release the band explores all the best corners including the melodic riffs and solos, the fast tempos alternated with groovy moments, and the clear production, all topped by furious but understandable growls. Title track opens the opus and is as catchy as death metal can be. But the real standouts are ‘Perception of Reality’ and ‘I’ll Be Your Suicide’.

Warning: if you love what the Scandinavian metal musicians have been offering the world for the past twenty years, if you have a taste for melody combined with brutality, if you have a strong and resilient neck, you will enter this time machine and think you’re back in those days when a completely new and fresh breath of air was injected into metal’s more-of-the-same infested lungs.