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iNCH’s Crowd Funded Album Sees the Light of Day



Following a successful crowd funding campaign to finance the post-production of her highly anticipated sophomore album Bumfuzzle, Los Angeles-based Singaporean artist Inch Chua will be releasing the album worldwide this August, under the moniker iNCH. The first single’s music video, “Artful Dodger”, depicts a story about enduring love for an ever-elusive character, set against the mysterious wilderness. The video received over 32,000 views in 6 days!

We will soon get a chance to see what all the buzz is about and catch iNCH live as she embarks on the ‘Bumfuzzle Tour’, with shows planned in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Indonesia. Prep yourselves for what is likely to be one of the most stunning tours of the year as Inch talks to us about the campaign’s success and the bi-coastal making of the album.


Music Weekly: How did you come up with the crowd funding idea for your album and what makes for a successful campaign?
Inch Chua: Prior to Bumfuzzle I never felt the need to print physicals but I received a ton of requests from fans and really wanted to make this album a labour of love for them to keep. I came up with the idea of crowd funding to help finance the intricate post-production process, which included mixing the album on an analogue board then running the mixes through tape, and pressing of physicals.

I believe authenticity, earnestness and creativity are key to a successful crowd funding campaign. Fans want to be a part of the process. They want to feel like they’ve contributed meaningfully to a piece of ownable art. They also want to be in on the story behind the campaign, told in an honest way.

Did the campaign’s success change the dynamic in the studio? Did you feel pressured in any way to perform for your fans?
I always feel pressured to perform. I’m my own biggest critic. No matter what the stakes are, it’s my personal goal to kick ass.

Who did you work with on the album and how does it differ from your debut?
Leonard Soosay [Producer] and I have worked together for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve tracked with him on my solo work. The album was envisioned as a bi-coastal project. It was recorded in Singapore at Snakeweed Studios and then mixed in Los Angeles by Todd Bergman and mastered by Howie Weinberg.

You’ve received some flattering acknowledgement and praise from people like FHM (100 Sexiest Women), Nylon SG (“she doesn’t just belong on the stage, she was born for it”) and The Wall Street Journal (“one of the leading lights on Singapore’s indie rock scene”). How do you make sense of these comments?
As an artist, you do what you do as a form of expression and it’s always nice to receive endorsement from the press and folks who are deemed as being tastemakers. More than anything else I’m very humbled to have gotten the opportunities I’ve been given.

The ‘Bumfuzzle Tour’ will take your music to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia. Do you believe live music is at its best in Southeast Asia and how does it compare to LA?
I’ve travelled a lot with my solo material over the last few years and I have to say, the audiences in Southeast Asia are amazingly receptive. Los Angeles has pockets of communities and it’s just been exciting getting to know folks from different scenes and understanding the gigging culture.

You have a fantastic video backlog on your YouTube page. What’s your take on engaging with fans through social media?
Consistency and quality content are two of the key elements when it comes to social media. It’s easy to abuse the accessibility of the platform and mindlessly put content up.



The ‘Bumfuzzle Tour’ kicks off in August.

3 August (Sat)
TBA, Singapore

6 August (Tues)
Aracama, The Fort Strip, Manila

7 August (Wed)
Show 1: Live in Your Living Room
Show 2: Red Ninja x iNCH
SaGuijo, Manila

8 August (Thurs)
Show 1: Sound Circle
Show 2: Route 196, Manila

9 August (Thurs)
Bumfuzzle Press Launch
TBA, Manila



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