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Interview: BRAIDS drummer Austin Tufts was held against his will and extorted in Vietnam, still loves the country

Young, accomplished and incredibly talented Canadian art rock band BRAIDS were originally slated to traverse the Pacific Ocean to perform just three shows in Japan last month. Luckily for the rest of Asia, that three date run turned into a ten date mini tour that saw them play everywhere from Shanghai to Singapore across 16 days, giving Asian audiences the […]

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Interview: Sharing space and time with Singapore’s Charlie Lim

Regarded as one of Singapore’s finest musical exports, Charlie Lim has come a long way since the release of his début album in 2011. His relentless tour schedule that has seen him perform multiple tours across Asia, Australia, in front of 25,000 people for the SEA Games and most recently, in London as part of a carefully curated group showcasing […]

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Interview: UNDA is bringing Bangkok’s hip hop scene out of the underground

A product of two cultures, Sean Carter, otherwise known as UNDA, is on a mission to spread hip hop across Thailand. Raised between the revered east coast mecca of hiphop, Georgia, Atlanta, and Thailand, the country he now calls home, his upbringing has afforded him a unique perspective on music, love and life. As a result, the musical creations he […]

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Interview: The Coronas answer The Big Questions before their Singapore performance

  One of Ireland’s biggest selling rock acts, The Coronas have released three platinum selling albums, performed to sell-out tours in Ireland, Europe and Australia and now, after a whirlwind Australian tour, they’re coming to Singapore. Before the four piece head home to their native Ireland, kissing 2015 goodbye in style at Dublin’s 3Arena (with none other than Fatboy Slim!) […]

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Interview: Betty Who just doing the do

Australian pop export Jess Newham, known better as Betty Who, is the hilarious and insanely talented singer-songwriter behind the addictive tunes “High Society” and “All Of You”. At 6’1″ with a shock of platinum locks, she certainly stands out in a crowd but it wasn’t until 2013 that Who first gathered the world’s attention.

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Mr Scruff: Asia bound, but this time without his vinyl

Mr Scruff is bringing his signature grooves to Neon Lights and Clockenflap festivals, but this time, as he explains exclusively to Music Weekly Asia, he’s doing things a little bit differently.

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Interview: Shoegaze pioneers Ride take on their biggest journey to date

Late last year, shoegaze royalty Ride announced an unexpected reunion almost two decades after parting ways. The news came as a welcome surprise to many of their longtime fans, most of whom never thought they’d get a chance to see one of their favorite bands live. Their tour has seen them play across the globe and they’re now coming to […]

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Interview: Nile Rodgers “I still make records the way I want to make records”

One of the most prolific producers of a generation, Nile Rodgers talks exclusively to Music Weekly Asia about his audacious tour schedule, upcoming collaborations and what fans can look forward when he returns to Asia to perform at Neon Lights and Clockenflap festivals.

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Interview: YouTube star Kina Grannis returns for an encore Asian performance

She has more than 160 million views on YouTube, a #1 album on iTunes and even an annual event named after her… and now internet sensation Kina Grannis is returning to Asia for her “Elements” tour. 

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Interview: The Sam Willows reveal their secrets

Singaporean chart toppers The Sam Willows let us in on some of their deepest secrets – Who can talk to the animals? Who has the worst habits? Which was each of their favourite shows, and who has just put their foot in it and signed themselves up for a 10 minute dance solo  on stage at their next show? Read on for all the dirt.

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INTERVIEW: Gentle Bones’ Joel Tan can’t imagine life without friends, sushi and his guitar

When Joel Tan, the artist known to most as Gentle Bones, picked up a guitar for the first time at 16 years old it’s doubtful he could have predicted how quickly he would achieve the incredible successes he’s managed…

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Interview: Korean live electro masters Idiotape discuss why 2015 is looking to be their biggest year yet

Korean indie electro outfit Idiotape are riding high. Having played at pretty much every major music festival in their native Korea including Global Gathering, Pentaport Rock Festival and Valley Rock Festival, they’re now taking on the globe, bringing their signature sound to international audiences.

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Interview: The Big Questions with Thai synth maestros DCNXTR

Atmospheric and expansive, DCNXTR’s ethereal dream pop sound infuses live vocals and samples within a landscape of synthesisers and electronic drum beats. The result is an exquisitely laid rich and emotive melodic tapestry; a unique sound that has seen them grow a significant fan base across Bangkok and beyond.  

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Interview: The big questions with Kyoto Protocol

    There are few consistencies in the music world, but Kyoto Protocol have proven to be one of the unchanging staples of Kuala Lumpur’s local indie rock scene, at the coalface for the past seven years.

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Interview: Will Robinson from The Isan Project

We took a moment to have a chat with Will Robinson, the executive producer and creative force behind the Isan Project. The group have aimed to fuse Western and Thai sounds into a pop format and seems to be working, with their latest single ‘Nana’ shooting to the top of the Thai charts.  

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Interview: The Big Questions with Thaitanium

When Thaitanium first was formed in 2000 there’s no way they could have imagined that they were to ignite a cultural revolution, bringing a regional focus to a hip hop scene in Southeast Asia that had never previously existed. Fast forward to today and they have amassed more than sixteen years of performing under their belts, have 2 million followers on […]

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Iggy Azalea: Criticism of me ‘has 100,000 percent to do with the fact I have a vagina’

Never far from the spotlight, Iggy Azalea has seen her fair share of scandal over the past few months. Whether it’s her feud with Eminem over rape lyrics in his songs or defending her music from claims of cultural appropriation from Azealia Banks and Q-Tip, it seems there’s been more of a spotlight on her than on her music.   In […]

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Taufik Batisah speaks about latest single and reveals details about new album

MusicWeekly speaks with with Taufik Batisah after his latest single “Menakluk Cinta” shot up to Number 1 on the Singapore iTunes Charts back in August.

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Nidji’s lead singer Giring Ganesha Tells Us About His Social Network Kincir

Nidji’s lead singer Giring Ganesha has been a very busy man. In addition to his vocal duties he is also the founder of an online social network aimed at musicians called ‘Kincir’.

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Skibs, The Hong Kong Kid

Skibs, a 18 year old rapper from Hong Kong will make his main stage debut at the inaugural BloHK Party event on Dec 7, curated by Pharrell Williams. Interview.

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