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About Intuitive Nand Harjani


Former Hong Kong resident and Creative Life Sciences Founder to hold private and public sessions in the city.

Nand Harjani discovered his intuitive gifts as a young child and since that time, he has held tens of thousands of consulting sessions with people who come to him for guidance. 15 years ago he created the company Creative Life Sciences in Los Angeles, which has 28 staff members who are dedicated to guiding people and individuals along their best possible life path. Whether it’s old or young, rich or poor, entertainment professionals or homemakers, Harjani consults with them all—and claims that more than 80 percent of his clients are repeat customers.

Ahead of an upcoming visit to both Kuala Lumpur (September 5th-11th) and Hong Kong (12th-17th), he discussed what it means to be intuitive, how readings can help those who seek him out and some of the content that can be heard during his numerous talks, which will be open to the public…



Scott Murphy: When did you first discover your intuitive gifts?

Nand Harjani: I want to say around seven or eight years of age, but the real question isn’t when I found out. But rather, when I realized that other people didn’t have the same abilities. I would see things that weren’t there, and shortly thereafter, within minutes, they would show up.


How did that manifest later?

A clear way of defining that would be to say that I learned how to utilize the talent to help others. I would know what kind of problems people would enter into and be able to help them stop that or know when events would happen when people asked me. So, I have gifts of clairvoyance, am clairaudient and clairsentient. I could feel things before they were felt, I could see things before they happened and I could hear things before they were spoken.

I would know what’s going to happen and when it will happen if we’re talking about personal issues. I learned how to harness the talent, quantify it, control it, utilize it and teach it the best way it could be.


What should someone look for when they want a reading?

You could say we’re transmitters of information. So the real question should be, when there is a need for information that isn’t available…and the need is strong, that’s when the reading should take place.

People come to me for a number of different reasons–professional issues and to understand why they are here in this lifetime. They want to establish connection with others, satisfy their emotions and learn the connection of “love”. If they are in pain, they will come to someone like me, and if they want to learn and cultivate this talent within themselves, they will come to someone like me.


How should people prepare themselves for a reading?

Think through the questions ahead of time. Be open to listening to the answers. The questions should be precise. The specific question gets a specific answer. Then, a person should absorb the information. I’m good at everything other than–if there’s a missing person who is dead–I don’t want to get into that. I don’t do police work. That energy is depressing.


Why you? Why should people see you?

For the consistency of accurate answers–and the way that scientists measure that is about a third of the time accurate. They would give you colored cards, and symbols…so the scientists consider a third to be highly accurate. Most of the staff at Creative Life Sciences are from 85 to 95 percent accurate.


How many readings do you do a year?

Thousands. With all walks of life, socioeconomic, global. I forget the information afterwards, but I reconnect when the individual comes to me two days later or 10 years later. Opening a third eye is a standard jargon for it. Another word for it is having access to Akashic records. If you’re looking at the percentages, most of my competitors get to look at them, but they are using the wrong prescription. We have a more precise prescription.


What kind of public and private sessions will you have in Hong Kong?

I will be having private sessions and public talk sessions.

One thing I want to expand on is pollution protection. There was a story on CNN a month ago where pollution in China is actually shortening lifespans by five or six years. So what we have devised is an energy protocol, which can actually protect the “emotional” bodies by deflecting the impact of pollution for a 30 day period. That’s for $100 Hong Kong. The person need not be in my presence. They can send me an email or make a phone call. They’ll sign a disclaimer and it’s done.

When pollution affects the emotional body there’s more confusion and there’s more susceptibility of emotional trauma. So this enhances the emotional body and protects it. The impact on the body will be…your eyes will burn less, you will feel less irritation on your skin, you will feel less uncomfortable with fatigue…you will sleep clearer and sounder and you will be helping your body ward off major illnesses during this 30 day period.

This is not recommended for anyone who has a major health issue. Otherwise, you’ll feel more calm, more centered, less confused and more internal strength to face problems.

In some cases you actually see real results. If you take notes and measure your monthly activity you’ll see that the month went far better than it could have been in prior months. The disclaimer is that it doesn’t work for everyone all the time.

With toddlers it’s the same impact. So if the toddler is prone to ear infections, it will be less prone…it will cry less. If they’re not a sleeper, he or she will sleep more. It’s a case by case basis.


What are your general predictions for Hong Kong at the moment?

Let’s talk about health first. I’m seeing more physical diseases manifesting. These will include unspecified pain throughout the body, cancers and what I would call auto-immune diseases. On a greater level, I see a lot of issues occurring into the rest of the year on emotional and interpersonal concerns. You will see a lot of relationships falling apart or coming together, but more the former. On an economic level, we’ll see more up and down until the latter part of the year—the last quarter and then things will improve.

And if you want to know specifics, I do have a business news letter that is available on the Creative Life Sciences website. The shaky political grounds will stabilize by the middle of November. There will be more consistency, not just the local government but also the extended body. China will treat Hong Kong differently as well. C.Y. Leung is being overcautious with relation to China. That will change. Once he understands which way the wind is blowing, it will be fine.


A lot of your public talks in Hong Kong seem to revolve around energy. Explain this.

This is all about finding good companionship in a friend way, romantic way and in a work way. There seems to be a lot of people who have concerns about this on a global level and these talks are designed to provide information and some guidance and the energy cleansing session is designed to help sever the bonds –whatever wiring is holding you down—on a short term level. None of these sessions are designed to last long….30 days is the time…and they will minimize whatever current issues people have. This can also be done globally, via Skype or phone.


What about your talk about living in the right environment?

Let me define what I mean by that. There are certain spots on the planet that are counter to your unique energies. If you’re placed there, hell breaks loose. So you want to understand where you want to be to have the wind behind you rather than against you. When things don’t work in your favor, things just fall apart on you. You can’t keep anything from work to relationships—and day to day is chaos–that’s a very strong sign. What the session does is identify this and tells you. If you’re a Hong Kong person who lives there, it minimizes the impact on you for a 30 day period.


Based on your last public sessions in Hong Kong, people seemed quite interested in the concept of tuning into their personal guides…

We are guided through our life and our life journey and some of us are able to listen to our “inner voice” and most of us are not. This would be a talk describing how you would listen to those voices.


What do you say in response to people who view all this information skeptically?

There is no cure for that. But for people on the fence, if they sit on the talk…or have one of the mini-sessions…they can see the proof in the pudding. They can try it and walk away for better or for worse. There is no forcing people into a session…


During visits to both (September 5th-11th) and Hong Kong (12th-17th), Nand will be conducting one-to-one private intuition sessions, energy healing sessions and public talks.

The talks will include:
1) Learning how to connect with this life’s destiny and love
2) How to change your energies to attract the correct life companion
3) How to connect and hear your Guides
4) Signs and signals to know where you should be living

Appointments for private sessions, energy healing sessions and public talks can be made by emailing: to schedule an appointment and sign up.