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Defrosted & Alive: TTATW and Tenderfist are back


The Trees & The Wild (TTATW) and Tenderfist went to cold and windy Hamburg, Germany to perform at the Call of the Tiger showcase along with MONSTER CAT at Reeperbahn Festival. They then toured in the Northern far-off lands of Finland and Estonia. They are finally back from their trip – and defrosted, while MONSTER CAT is saying hi from California, still touring for a few weeks.

We caught frontmen Remedy from TTATW and Edzwan from Tenderfist, to get their fresh feedback from this European experience.



Hi guys, you just came back from your European tour in Germany, Finland and Estonia. How do you feel?

Remedy: We feel a bit tired but happy, very happy to have played in these beautiful cities and venues.

Edzwan: Hi. At the moment we feel sad that the tour has ended but the overall feeling was “wow! what an amazing experience”. We nicknamed the tour as “Lucky bastards tour”. To have TTATW as tour mates was crazy. They were amazing in every single show. Hope to see them again soon.


How did you find these countries and their audiences towards your music?

Remedy: Actually we were quite surprised by the reaction from the audience. For example, at the show in Tallinn, people were really dancing to the music; they reacted to every single part of the songs. It was really fun. One of the best shows we’ve ever played.

Edzwan: All three countries were great and it’s safe to say that our mission was accomplished there, which is to see people dancing their asses off to our songs.


How was the Reeperbahn Festival experience with the Call of the Tiger showcase?

Remedy: At the beginning it was a bit nervy because we didn’t know how the audience will react to our music. But as soon as we played the first note, everything seemed to just flow well. And it turned out to be a great gig. People dancing and having a good time.

Edzwan: The Call of the Tiger showcase at the Reeperbahn was a good learning experience for us. It was our first show together after we had finished recording our album, and it was a bit nerve-wrecking. But we saw people dancing and having fun so it worked out well in the end. But we didn’t get to see other acts performing for the festival because we had to leave to Finland the next morning.


What were your favourite gig and your favourite encounter with a band during your tour?

Remedy: The Tallinn gig in Sinilind was really good. The energy from the audience was amazing. Sharing the stage with Tenderfist every night is a blessing, really cool and fun tourmates.

Edzwan: This is a tough one. Personally I have three favourite gigs and each one for a different reason. In Tampere, Finland for The Monster Of Pop festival, the audience was kinda chilled and relax when we played but was so warm and friendly that it was a joy meeting all these people after the show, sharing drinks and stories with them. And we sold a lot of CDs when we were there. In Estonia, we saw all these smiling, dancing, happy people when we were playing. The sound system was great and we made new friends – hello Slovenia, Spain and France! and special shootout to capitain bloom. Finally Helsinki for the HIFF Love and Anarchy (Helsinki International Film Festival), which was our last show. It was amazing.


Do you feel ‘transformed’ or ‘uplifted’ as a band thanks to this European trip?

Remedy: Yes, we can’t wait to finish our album and then go on tour again!

Edzwan: Uplifted in a way, yes, but as a band we felt that we learned a lot during this trip and it informs us on what it’s like to go on tour – which involved a lot of traveling and waiting and hauling your equipment from one place to another. But the most important thing about this tour was all these people we met during the tour: the band we were traveling with, sharing their lives with us, strangers we met who became friends. These are all the things that are important to us apart from sharing and exposing our music to that part the world.


What did you miss the most from Southeast Asia when you were away?

Remedy: I guess the warm weather and eating rice, he he.

Edzwan: The food! that’s it. Almost every single day we and TTATW would discuss food. It’s one of the important topic for our everyday conversation especially at night after the end of a gig.


The Trees & The Wild


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