Interviews — October 29, 2013 at 9:30 am

Enterprise Enters Singapore (No Star Trek Involved)


There are many of us that own at least a piece of Fred Perry apparel in our wardrobe. Since 2010, the clothing label has successfully blended its image into Singapore’s indie music scene with initiatives like music and DJ parties “Subculture” and pop-up gig series “Sub-Sonic Live”. These events have seen many international, regional and local artists taking the stage for plenty of well-dressed nights of good music. Always hosting their Sub-Sonic Live events in out-of-the-box venues, Fred Perry will make us discover Singapore’s Offside converted into a live entertainment venue for a night, on Friday, November 1st. Indie-dance rockers Enterprise from Kuala Lumpur are amongst this year’s line-up curated by Jeremy Lee from collective The Diarists. Also featuring are Singaporean musicians Hilary Yang, ANECHOIS, These Brittle Bones, Sub:Shaman and American group Ra Ra Riot. Enterprise is the band you’ve heard of less but they will probably be an exquisite highlight of the party. Formed in 2011, the five guys have already made their way through their local indie music scene, performing highly energetic sets around the country, and most memorably at Urbanscapes 2012.

We managed to catch up with them before they cross the causeway and enter Singapore’s soil for their debut show this Friday.



You guys formed in 2011 and have since made your way among the Malaysian independent music scene. What has the journey been like?

Enterprise: It’s been meaningful. We’re constantly making new discoveries about the music and ourselves. Like most bands though, we have a fair amount of ups and downs. It’s not been easy but we know it’s going to be worth it, and we’re merely just at the beginning.


Enterprise’s music is quite an eclectic mix of electronics, synths and guitar riffs. What are some of your musical influences and your current favourite artists?

M83, Midnight Juggernauts, Daft Punk, Mars Volta just to name a few. Our musical influences however vary individually, and it’s the mixture of all the different things that inspire us, that form our music.


You are heading over to Singapore to play for Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live 2013. How do you feel about visiting your neighbours to play for them? Do you think it’d be a different scene from performing in Malaysia?

We’re very excited and nervous at the same time. It’ll be our first time ever playing outside Malaysia and we couldn’t thank Fred Perry Singapore enough for inviting us. The music scene in Singapore is spectacular, we know this for a fact as we’re always down in Singapore to watch some of our favourite international bands at various music festivals, and from there we get the general feel of what it’s like.


Is there a particular Singaporean act that you are excited to watch at Sub-Sonic?

All of them. Safe answer, we know. But truly, we’ve checked them out on their Facebook pages and YouTube videos, and we enjoyed listening to each one. And what’s better than actually seeing these guys play live?


“Enterprise” is also the name of the iconic spacecraft in Star Trek. Did you name your band after that or is there another story behind it? Are any of you big fans of the science fiction series?

Here’s the funny thing; we’re not exactly hardcore Star Trek fans (Peace out Trekkies, live long and prosper). We decided to carry on with the name “Enterprise” as it was also the name given to our home studio, where all things started. Now, Star Trek did have something to do with the naming of that studio, but that’s a whole different story.


The year is slowly coming to an end, what’s in store for Enterprise for the rest of 2013 and for 2014?

Wrapping things up for 2013, which includes the recording and releasing of our debut album. Moving on to even bigger things in 2014, as our music continues to evolve.


Catch Enterprise and the other bands of the line-up at Fred Perry’s Sub-Sonic Live 2013 on 1st November 2013, 2 Whitley Road, 8pm. Register for invites here.




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