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Interview: The Big Questions with Thaitanium



When Thaitanium first was formed in 2000 there’s no way they could have imagined that they were to ignite a cultural revolution, bringing a regional focus to a hip hop scene in Southeast Asia that had never previously existed. Fast forward to today and they have amassed more than sixteen years of performing under their belts, have 2 million followers on Facebook and have released a slew of critically acclaimed albums.  The groundbreaking Thai act have collaborated with some of the most recognizable figures in the entertainment industry including Jay Park, M-Flo and Snoop Dogg (with who they worked together to create “Wake Up (Bangkok City)” last year) and opened for everyone from 50 cent to Lil Jon.


Whilst everyone in the group spent some time in their youth growing up in the US, the group has maintained a fiercely strong Thai influence, evidenced by songs like “Sud Kob Fah.” Their influence has extended well beyond the region however with the group’s hard edge, gritty hip hop sound bringing them fame internationally. Thaitanium have performed across the globe from the MTV World Music Stage in Malaysia last year to sold out shows across the United States, UK, Australia and Japan.


We took a moment of their time to quiz them about some of the less important things in life like extravagant presents, weird foods and who farts the most.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten on tour?

KHAN: Not sure, haha
SD THAITAY: Snake with homemade curry from the south.
BIG CALO: Not sure. I eat a lot of things
BUDDAH: Horse Meat in Switzerland
DaBoyWay: Nothing really i eat pretty normal.


What is one thing that you can’t live without?

KHAN: My music laptop
SD THAITAY: Phone and money
BIG CALO: Chicken and hip hop
BUDDAH: iPhone
DaBoyWay: My family




Tell us the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

KHAN: Study before I buy stuff
SD THAITAY: Not yet!!!
BIG CALO: To go to college
BUDDAH: when i first started djing 1995… Some not so nice person said I couldn’t become a hip hop DJ because I was Fat and Asian…
DaBoyWay: You’ll never make it in Music.


Where is your favorite place on earth?

KHAN: Oia Santorini (for now)
SD THAITAY: Thailand by the beach
BUDDAH:  Sri Panwa Phuket
DaBoyWay: My bed.



Tell us the best gift you’ve given/received?

KHAN: Mom give me money to buy a CD player for my birthday but I went and Bought myself a turntable and built my career until today
SD THAITAY: Not sure yet! Still waiting!
BIG CALO: Opportunity to make music
BUDDAH: Given: I bought my parents a house in Thailand/
Received: my first Technics turntables from my dad
DaBoyWay: Best gift given was i bought my mother a Benz wagon for her birthday.  Best gift received was the birth of my twins.


What’s your greatest talent outside of music?

KHAN: Being a good human being
SD THAITAY: Making food and acting
BIG CALO:  Writing on my food blog
BUDDAH: Making people smile
DaBoyWay: Gift of gab


Dogs or cats?

KHAN: Both
DaBoyWay: Dogs



What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while performing?

KHAN: Nothing really
SD THAITAY: Being drunk out of my mind
BIG CALO: Got stuck on a zip cord line on a tv show
BUDDAH: I had stomach issues and half way during the THAITANIUM Concert I had to use the restroom really bad. I was trying to rush everyone through the set… Finally played the last song and ran to the restroom.
DaBoyWay: Messed up during a live performance on live tv.


What is your worst habit?

KHAN: Don’t give myself enough credit
BIG CALO: Farting
BUDDAH:  I complain about everything
DaBoyWay: I take on too many things at once.


You’re hungover and can have anything in the world delivered to you. What is it?

KHAN: Esan food (northeastern Thai food)
SD THAITAY: Fried chicken
BIG CALO:  Another drink
BUDDAH:  Cheeseburger from Hard Rock Cafe
DaBoyWay: A masseuse


What is your favourite band at the moment?

KHAN: Guns n Rose&
BIG CALO:  I’m feeling 21 pilots right now
BUDDAH: Bruno Mars and his live band…
DaBoyWay: Im not sure, I guess 21 pilots



Who is the best dancer in the group?

KHAN:  Buddah and day will have to battle for that
SD THAITAY: I’m not sure, probably Jason?
BIG CALO: Probably Buddah
BUDDAH:  Day lol
DaBoyWay: Everybody in the group dances except me


Which was your favourite gig ever?

KHAN: Asian Hip Hop is the one I’m most proud of
SD THAITAY:  I think everywhere we go are the best
BIG CALO: 2013 when we got to share the stage with Snoop Dogg
BUDDAH: Definitely performing with Snoop Dogg during his set
DaBoyWay: Way too many, can’t narrow it down to just one


Thaitanium will be performing as part of Soulfest, held in Kuala Lumpur at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre on October 17.


To find out more about Thaitanium, check out their



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