Interviews, Rock — December 8, 2015 at 8:48 am

Interview: The Coronas answer The Big Questions before their Singapore performance




One of Ireland’s biggest selling rock acts, The Coronas have released three platinum selling albums, performed to sell-out tours in Ireland, Europe and Australia and now, after a whirlwind Australian tour, they’re coming to Singapore. Before the four piece head home to their native Ireland, kissing 2015 goodbye in style at Dublin’s 3Arena (with none other than Fatboy Slim!) they’ll be showcasing their punchy rock anthems to Singapore audiences for the first time… for free no less, because that’s just the kind of guys they are.


In a monumental year, 2015 has seen the band release their fourth long player, The Long Way, a phenomenal release featuring a number punchy tracks loaded with enchanting guitar hooks, as well as some piano-led balladry and folk-tingled admissions of guilt. Music being the cathartic instrument that it is, the record shows how a relationship break-up can provide massive creative inspiration.


In advance of their outdoor gig at the fountain area in Clarke Quay, we had a quick chat to The Coronas’ lead singer and guitarist Danny O’Reilly in order to ask all the really Big Questions:

What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten whilst on tour?

Kangaroo on our first Australian trip, it was tasty!


What is one thing that you can’t live without?


Tell us the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?
My old football manager told me to “give up that music”. I’m glad I didn’t take his advice


Tell us the best gift you’ve given/received?
My guitar, from my uncle when I was about 10


What’s your greatest talent outside of music?
I can do a few very impressive card tricks!


Dogs or cats?


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while performing?
I’ve fallen over numerous times, Forgotten words to my own songs, but the worst was when I accidentally spat vodka all over the front row


What is your worst habit?
Biting my nails


You’re hungover and can have anything in the world delivered to you. What is it?
Haribo and water


What is your favourite band at the moment?
The National


Who is the best dancer in the group?
Conor our drummer has some serious moves


Which was your favourite gig ever?
3Arena in Dublin in February was amazing. We grew up going to gigs there so it was amazing to headline a sold out show there. We’ll never forget it!


The Coronas -Live In Singapore

Date: Wednesday 9th September, 2015
Venue: Clarke Quay, Singapore
Time: Gig starts at 8:30
Price: Free!