Indie / Alternative, Interviews — October 9, 2012 at 3:55 pm

MONSTER CAT’s seven-league boots


MONSTER CAT is making Singapore proud! They enchanted a packed crowd at the Call of the Tiger showcase at Reeperbahn Festival, toured in Germany and the Netherlands, and are now rocking the US! Frontman Hentai Cat shares a little bit of this crazy experience, just after wrapping up their shows at Culture Collide festival in Los Angeles.



Hi guys, you’ve been touring in Germany, the Netherlands and in the US for a while now. How do you feel?

It’s been great on the road! It’s a crazy experience to share our music with people from all over the world. It’s quite surreal playing songs that we wrote in our bedrooms to audiences so far from home.


So far, how do you find these countries and their audiences towards your music?

People have been really responsive to the music which is great when we’re on stage and can feed off that energy. Music truly has no geographic or language boundaries.


How was the Reeperbahn Festival experience with the Call of the Tiger showcase?

It was a great experience. Everything was really well organised and the crowds were really great. We played a pretty packed venue and people were dancing and moving to the music. We’ve made so many new fans and friends so far and we can’t wait to go back to Europe.


We’ve seen that you’ve been to quite a few gigs these recent days, could you give us some insights of your favourite discoveries?

You guys have to check out the singer-songwriter goodness of Johnnygoody as well as the avant-garde blues-rock creative-whirlwind called Half Way Station. They are bands we had the wonderful chance to tour with in Europe, which was an awesomely humbling experience.


Tell us more about the experience of touring for a band?

The craziest part is all the traveling. It can really get to us sometimes being on super long train rides then hopping on to planes. But we’re doing exactly what we love so we really can’t complain. It’s all part of the experience and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


What do you miss the most from Southeast Asia?

Probably the food! But the food here’s been great too so I don’t know. We really enjoy being on the road so we can’t really say. Every place and every region has something special, be it the architecture, the culture, the people or the music. We’re just glad we have the chance to experience such a variety of things.


Any extra comment you’d like to add?

Thank you so much once again to MSA for the opportunity to play at the Reeperbahn Festival!




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