Interviews — August 9, 2012 at 9:53 am

Musical Pop Princess Julie Anne San Jose releases first album


To describe 18-year-old Julie Anne San Jose would be an interesting task. She was once a runner-up for Little Miss Philippines, a top competitor on a singing competition called Popstar Kids, and a member of a band called Sugarpop. Indeed, growing up in the industry has made Julie Anne an impressive performer. Her hard work and determination is slowly paying off with the release of her movie Just One Summer this month, a currently airing TV show, Together Forever, on GMA Network, and her self-titled album under GMA Records, to be released and distributed through global distributor, Valleyarm.

Despite her crazy schedule, we were lucky enough to get a hold of Julie Anne to talk about her very first album as a solo artist.


This is your first album under GMA Records, what can you say about the experience?

I am overwhelmed and really happy with this experience because finally, I will be able to fulfill one of my dreams as an artist to have an album. Also, this experience is truly a blessing [as] not all artists get to have an opportunity to have an album so I am really just thankful.


We know that you were once a part of the girl group, Sugarpop. Is it easy for you to transition from being in a group to a solo artist?

Generally, the transition was fine. I just had to adjust from performing with a group to performing solo. I just felt that there are more responsibilities performing solo because all attention is on me, as compared to [performing] in a group where the attention of the audience is divided amongst the members. So, now, I really make sure I give my all in all of my performances.


You have 14 Million hits on your cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” on YouTube. You also performed other covers and even premiered your album carrier single, “I’ll be there” earlier this month. In what ways do you think has YouTube helped with your career?

Everyone has access to the internet nowadays so it means it has a huge scope in reaching the audience. When my “Super Bass” cover reached 14 Million hits, I felt that I was able to capture a lot of people’s attention, not only in the Philippines but also around the world! YouTube also serves as another venue for me to showcase my talent with easy accessibility for my fans. If I have fans that weren’t able to catch me on TV, they can always go to YouTube and view the covers of the songs I made. So, YouTube greatly affected my career. I gained more fans and at the same time I got closer to them. 


You have a TV show currently airing at the network and a movie coming out, how were you able to prepare for your album?

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a rough time preparing for my album even though my schedule was hectic. It boiled down to organizing my time properly and prioritizing what is important. At that time, I was juggling taping, personal matters, and studies so you can just imagine how my day would go. Thank God I’m working with capable people who helped me arrange my schedule and ensured everything is in its place. 


What can people expect from your album?

My album caters to a wide range of genres. Basically, these are the types I often listen to: ballad, R&B, and Pop. Also, this album is really exciting because the fans will get to see my versatility as a singer. 


Do you have any message to your fans?

I would like to thank all of my fans for their never ending support. I greatly appreciate it and I just hope that in my own little way, I am able to give back. I’m really hoping they will support my album as well. Let’s spread the love!




Julie Anne San Jose’s album is available on iTunes, August 10.

For more information on Julie Anne San Jose, visit her website at



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