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Defrosted & Alive: TTATW and Tenderfist are back

The Trees & The Wild and Tenderfist recently toured in Germany, Finland and Estonia. We caught frontmen Remedy from The Trees & The Wild and Edzwan from Tenderfist, to get their fresh feedback from this European experience.

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MONSTER CAT’s seven-league boots

MONSTER CAT is making Singapore proud! After touring in Germany and the Netherlands, the guys are now rocking the US. Read frontman Hentai Cat’s interview.

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Angry teenagers ‘Stick to the Shallows’ Speak Out!

Melbourne is known for having a remarkable underground musical scene, the best in the country and probably one of the best in the whole world. Australia is known for its unprecedented line-up of rock and metal bands that left their undeletable mark in the history of music, all peppered with a unique pub rock attitude. Standing out in such a […]

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Cashew Chemists: Set to Charm

An interview with Cashew Chemists on their crowdfunding campaign to fund their upcoming debut EP.

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Musical Pop Princess Julie Anne San Jose releases first album

To describe 18-year-old Julie Anne San Jose would be an interesting task. She was once a runner-up for Little Miss Philippines, a top competitor on a singing competition called Popstar Kids, and a member of a band called Sugarpop. Indeed, growing up in the industry has made Julie Anne an impressive performer. Her hard work and determination is slowly paying off […]

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Dimas Wisnuwardono: Music & Film

An interview with Dimas Wisnuwardono regarding his upcoming documentary on the journey to Reeperbahn Festival.

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Wormrot: Just Dive In

Music Services Asia grabs the chance to chat with Wormrot guitarist Rasyid about their tour mishaps, thoughts on music as a career and more!

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Revisiting The Trees & The Wild

The Trees & The Wild are renowned throughout South-East Asia for their innovative musical blend of post-rock, experimental and folk stylings, underpinned with a distinctly Indonesian identity. To the delight of their fans, the band will be bringing their intense, trance-inducing live performances across oceans to the international stage in September.

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Music Services Asia’s South-East Asian Showcase at Reeperbahn

Music Services Asia is excited to announce the line-up for the specially-curated South-East Asian showcase at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany, featuring 3 of the region’s most exciting bands: The Trees & The Wild from Indonesia, Tenderfist from Malaysia and MONSTER CAT from Singapore. The final act, MONSTER CAT, was simultaneously revealed as the winner of Music Services Asia’s much-talked […]

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Interview with The Jezabels

Music Services Asia was thrilled to chat with The Jezabels ahead of their full-house gig in Singapore, which kickstarted their whirlwind Asian tour. Read our interview with Hayley Mary (vocalist), Heather Shannon (keyboards), Sam Lockwood (guitars) and Nik Kaloper (drums) to find out more about The Jezabels’ dynamic song-writing process, dream collaborations and their aim to be the “forefathers of […]

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Get Your Ears Ready for This Sanctuary

A load of artists from the all over the world are dropping by Singapore this month for Music Matters Live. Part of the line-up is the 5-piece Sydney-based pop rock band, This Sanctuary. While they have dabbled their feet once on the South-East Asian region, the band is ready and set to rock the Clarke Quay stage. But first, we […]

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Music, Radio, Freedom at Sonar Radio’s Eklektikon

Eklektikon is one of Sonar Radio‘s freshest radio programmes, which started in October 2011. The FM offer is quite limited to commercial stations in Singapore, and Internet gives a larger playground for music discovery. We had a chat with Kostas Repanas and John Common to know more about the Singaporean radio landscape and their music emission, Eklektikon, broadcasted every Saturday, […]

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The challenges of a Burmese band: Side Effect

The media has always portrayed Myanmar as an isolated country rife with political turmoil. One would least expect to hear of an indie rock band emerging from this country but that is what Side Effect is – a three piece indie rock band from Myanmar who tells us about the side effects they have experienced due to their unique situation. […]

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Chatting up with the top cats: MONSTER CAT

Things are happening for 4-piece alternative folk rock band MONSTER CAT (Singapore). To start their year, the band shared the stage with Bombay Bicycle Club and The Naked and The Famous at The People’s Party. They’ve released their five-piece track, Mannequins, last year and now teamed up with Director Kristen Ong for their first official music video for “Underwater.” We […]

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Koolastuffa presents L’Alphalpha merchandising

Fashion and music go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs – one seems so much better with the other. So Koolastuffa, a young brand spearheaded by talented Indonesians Dedy and Widya Kurniawan,decided to team up with indie pop/rock band L’Alphalpha to create a magical bunch of pieces, inspired by the group’s songs. Clothes were […]

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The Analog Girl Talks of Collaboration for T(h)ree Vol.2

Dubbed as one of the “5 Music Acts to Watch” in 2008 by TIME Magazine, The Analog Girl aka Mei Wong, an electronic-industrial musician from Singapore, is continually catching the ears and the eyes of people from all the over world. Tying one more achievement under her belt, Mei is now collaborating with artists from Portugal for the T(h)ree music […]

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Universal Music Singapore releases ‘Zouk Presents Tease’

Regulars of Zouk and Phuture in Singapore would be familiar with resident DJs Eclipse & Ghetto, the men behind the decks responsible for playing and mixing your favourite tunes at TEASE, Phuture’s weekly Saturday parties. This year, Phuture turns sweet 16 while TEASE celebrates its first year. Because of this very special occasion, Zouk and Universal Music Singapore have collaborated […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on They Will Kill Us All (MY)

What kept you busy these past months? I heard you’ve been recording an album, is it already finished? Well right now our working life is keeping us busy! We still jam from time to time, but what the band as a whole are trying to now is finishing the mixes for the 9 song album out soon. Its a slow […]

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Mosaic Music Festival’s 8th edition presents “a true mosaic of sounds”

Mosaic Music Festival is a major music festival in Singapore, organized by Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay since 2005. Its originality stands in its unique format, and in the multi-music genres it proposes: 10 days for 18 ticketed shows, more than 100 free ones including intimate chat sessions with artists, plus 5 workshops. We had a conversation with Clarence […]

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Interview: Noughts and Exes (HK)

 A video interview for SEA Absolute Indie compilation, released on worldwide digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Ganxy. Check out Noughts and Exes’ website and YouTube channel!        

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