Interviews — June 21, 2013 at 9:55 am

Save Me Hollywood & Sloppy Joe to Play Baybeats


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Singapore’s biggest alternative music festival is just around the corner and we are counting down with you to one of the biggest lineups to hit the country. The Baybeats Music Festival hits Lion City on the 28th to 30th June with international guests including Frida (AUS), Incarnation (MY) and Windmill (TW). Also joining the festival are Sloppy Joe (JP), who channel the sounds of 80s brit-pop and Save Me Hollywood (PH), an alt-punk five-piece. Continuing on with our coverage of the bands on the lineup, we are joined by the two bands who open up and share with us how they like to kick back when they are not performing on stage and how they like to prepare for shows when they are on stage.

Are there any bands on the Baybeats line-up that you have yet to see and are dying to see?

Sloppy Joe: I have not seen almost all the bands that will appear at Baybeats 2013 but I’m looking forward to see The Sets Band, Hightime Rebellion and Pastelpower. Their indie pop style is surely my favorite. 

Melvin (Save Me Hollywood): Overthrone, A Vacant Affair, Nothing to Declare and Incarnation. 

Calde (Save Me Hollywood): A Vacant Affair. We are friends with these guys and we haven’t seen them play for quite sometime now.

Kenneth (Save Me Hollywood): Our good friends from A Vacant Affair.

Do you have a particular album/artist/playlist you play before large shows to get you into the zen of performing?

Sloppy Joe: I think that it’s necessary to make my heart settle down before performing so I often listen to the album Pacific Street/The Pale Fountains to calm me down. 

Melvin: I just listen to some easy-listening tunes from The Carpenters to City and Colour. 

Calde: JAY-Z’s Black Album

Kenneth: Comeback Kid.

Music festivals are a time to let loose and to feel a sense of freedom. How else do you like to kick back when you’re not playing music?

Sloppy Joe: I usually enjoy the local food and beer when I travel so I am looking forward to eating delicious food and drinking beer in Singapore.

Melvin: Doing graphic/web designs and programming. 

Calde: I’m a TV series kind of guy. Whenever we’re not busy with anything band-related, I’d be catching up on my favorite TV shows.

Kenneth: Playing video games and work.

Which song do you most enjoy to play live as a band?

Sloppy Joe: “Once and For All”, our latest single. Listen out for the painful trumpet in the song. 

Melvin: “High” and “We Are One Tonight.” 

Calde: “We Are One Tonight” has always been my favorite. It’s our anthem, so to speak.

Kenneth: “Not Like The Movies.”






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